PhD candidates from S-Z

NameProjectThesis Director
Salem-Garcia, Nahuel (UNIGE)Computational and neural aspects of uncertainty in decision-makingPatrik Vuilleumier
Sanders, Bryan (UNIGE)Characterization and classification of speech modes based on brain signals from typical and atypical speakersLaganaro, Marina
Sarhadi, Moein (UNIGE) Cell-autonomous and non-cell autonomous controls over cortical circuit
Jabaudon, Denis
Scafa, Stefano (UNIL)Adaptive decoding of locomotor biomarkers for personalized therapies able to operate in home environments in Parkinson’s patientsJ. Bloch, G. Courtine & E. Martin-Moraud
Scheer, Irina (UNIFR)Motor adaptation in the cerebellum: the role of climbing fibersPrsa, Mario
Schindler, Louise (UNIL)Sex differences in brain ageing: a study of sex-specific risk and protective factorsDraganski, Bogdan & De Lange, Ann-Marie
Schneider, Stephan (UNIGE)Neural patterns of memory encoding and recognition mechanisms in naturalistic environmentsPtak, Radek
Schoettner, Mikkel (UNIL)Discovering the connectome spectral signatures of behaviorHagmann, Patric
Serralva Lopes, Andrea (UNIL)Identification of the molecular determinants underlying the developmental patterning of cerebellar Purkinje cellsLudovic Telley
Sipione, Rebecca (UNIGE)Axonal regrowth of olfactory sensory neurons in acquired anosmiaPascal Senn
Skieresz, Nicole (UNIL & Unidistance)Investigation of neurophysiological correlates of language acquisitionMurray, Micah & Reber, Thomas & Rothen, Nicolas
Song, Jie (UNIGE)The change mechanism of spatial navigation in stroke patients with unilateral spatial neglectVuilleumier, Patrik
Sooter, Nina (UNIGE)Stress, Honesty and Decision-Making: Investigating if and how stress impacts compliance with moral codes of conduct in favor of selfish interestsGiuseppe Ugazio
Spampatti, Tobia (UNIGE)Public Attitudes toward Geothermal Energy projects in Geneva (PAGE2):
From public concerns and warning signals to communication solutions
Brosch, Tobias
Sprenger, ThibaultStimulation of astrocytes to restore adult hippocampal neurogenesis and spatial memory in aged miceToni, Nicolas
Suarez Ramirez (Yu), Paola (UNIL)Early biomarkers in children at risk for ASDNadia Chabane & Micah Murray
Sudria Lopez, Daniel (UNIL)The role of lipid metabolism in human brain developmentM. Knobloch
Tan, Mi Xue (UNIGE)Dynamic brain networks mediating componential representations of emotionsPatrik Vuilleumier
Tano Retamales, Pablo (UNIGE)Modulation of differential correlations by attentionAlexandre Pouget
Thenaisie, Yohann (UNIGE)Brain-controlled neuromodulation of the brain and spinal cord to alleviate gait deficits in Parkinson’s diseaseJ. Bloch & G. Courtine
Uhl, Quentin (UNIL)Gray matter microstructure mapping using diffusion MRIJelescu, Ileana
Ünsal, Burak (UNIGE)Uncovering the Neuronal Circuit Architecture of the ClaustrumY. Rodriguez & A. Carleton
Uruena Mendez, Ginna (UNIGE)Striatal presynaptic dopamine function in impulsivity and decision-making: implications for understanding the neurobiological underpinnings of addictive disordersNathalie Ginovart
Veiga Oliveira, Ana Rita (UNIL)Parallel study of brain structure and function using quantitative MRI and EEGAntoine Lutti & Marzia De Lucia
Vilademunt Alcaide, Marta (UNIL)The role of Microglia-Astrocyte crosstalk in the regulation of Adult Hippocampal NeurogenesisN. Toni
Villard, Justine (UNIL)Postnatal development of the monkey perirhinal and parahippocampal corticesPierre Lavenex
Wang, Xia Eva (UNIGE)Cellular characterization of hedonic feeding circuits in miceC. Lüscher
Wu, Shizhe (UNIGE)Covert speech decoding through a brain computer-interfaceGiraud, Anne-Lise
Xiong, Bilian (UNIL)The molecular logic of deep cerebellar nuclei diversity and connectivityLudovic Telley
Zabiegalov, Oleksandr (UNIL)Derivation of retinal organoids with correct number and structure of Müller glia generated from human and mouse pluripotent cellsYvan Arsenijevic
Zhou, Alan (UNIGE)Control of radial migration of neurons in the medial limbic cortexD. Jabaudon & R. Bocchi