Please read the individual course descriptions for registration modalities and access to course materials. Events with no dates have no schedule announced for the moment …

Course titleECTSDates
Good Research Practices and Research Ethics (GRP; Lausanne)3
Introduction to Python (Lausanne)2
Cours électro-mécanique du CMU (4 modules in Geneva, in French; FULL)0.5-2
Alpine Brain Imaging Meeting (ABIM; credit only with presentation and assessment work > contact LNDS coordinator for details) tba
Introduction to fluorescence imaging for the analysis of living cells1
UNIL Sleep Research Day (Lausanne; register asap)1
Dive into the daily lives of individuals in real time: Introduction to the Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA; Lausanne)1
Diffusion MR Imaging: from physics to brain networks2.5
Introduction to Biophotonics (Geneva & online)3
Research methods in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Lausanne)1
Inborn Diseases of Metabolism Affecting Brain Development (Lausanne; register before March 1)1
How to identify the most suitable questionnaires and rating scales for your clinical practice or research? (online; register before April 12)1
OptoDBS -Meeting and Course work (Geneva; register before May 1)1.5
NeuroNA Human Cellular Neuroscience Symposium & Course option (Geneva; register before May 15)1June 21, 2024
NeuroLéman Summer School on Monitoring and manipulating the affective state: new perspectives on neurotechnologies and AI tools (Lausanne; places limited, register asap)1Aug 25- 29, 2024
Emerging roles of autophagy: From cells to organisms – Symposium & course work (Lausanne, register before July 1)1Sep 12-13, 2024
Neurological disorders: From pathophysiology to neuroscience – Autumn Module A (Lausanne, register before September 1)1.5Sep 17-Dec 3, 2024
How to develop the protocol of your systematic review and register it in International Prospective Register of Systematic Reviews (online; register before September 10)1Sep 25 – Nov 6, 2024
Introduction to Psychotherapy Research (Lausanne; register before October 1)2Nov 1 – Dec 13, 2024
Save the date ! CANOP – Meeting and course work (Fribourg)tbaJan 30, 2025
Neurological disorders: From pathophysiology to neuroscience – Spring Module S (Lausanne; register before February 1)2Feb 25-May 27, 2025

EPFL-EDNE courses: LNDS PhD students can basically attend most courses of the EPFL PhD program in neuroscience (EDNE). To inquire about free spots in classes, please first write to the EDNE coordinator ( from your work mail address (with the LN coordinator in copy). You will then receive a link towards the online registration platform of EPFL (have a scan of your PhD student card ready to attach if needed). Participation to EPFL courses is free for LNDS candidates.
Once you successfully finished a course, please send the EPFL credit transcript from IS-Academia (“Statement of results” > “Auditor plan” to the LNDS coordinator for credit validation . 

Stress and Resilience: Exploring New Horizons in Science and Applications (April 15-16)
1 ECTS as course option (registration via

Other EPFL PhD courses: Please contact the LNDS coordinator to ask for credit validation before choosing a given course, and to be re-directed to the EPFL program coordinator in charge. If your wish can be granted, please fill the “external auditor form” and send it to “” together with a scan of your PhD student card.

The CUSO (Conférence universitaire de Suisse occidentale) offers a range of courses on research-related soft skills (e.g. scientific writing). Moreover, several doctoral programs provide courses on statistics, research and analysis methods, for example:

Each LNDS student can participate to these courses, but you need to create a CUSO login for registration. Please provide the LNDS coordinator with your course certificate and a course link for credit validation.