PhD candidates from A-C

NameProjectThesis Director
Adamou, Kabirou (UNIL)Novel gene therapy strategies to tackle FAM161A-associated retinal degeneration using human iPSCs-derived organoids modelsC. Kostic & V. Hamel
Adamou, Lilia Nora (UNIL)A longitudinal assessment of early sensory development and social visual attention in 24-48 months old toddlers with autism spectrum disorder.N. Chabane
Aeschlimann, Léa (UNIL)Vulnerability to binge eating and alcohol use disorder: would altered gut microbiota and systemic inflammation represent a developmental syndrome or an outcome?Boutrel, Benjamin
Al Alem, Noor (UNIGE)Identification and validation of biomarkers for monitoring knee function after total knee arthroplastyArmand, Stéphane
Amir, Suje (UNIL)Unravelling the requirements to restore haemodynamic stability in neurological disordersBloch, Jocelyne & Courtine, Gregoire
Amosse, Quentin (UNIGE)Validation translationnelle de la quantification du TSPO par imagerie in vivoPhilippe Millet
Angelillo, Marie (UNIGE)Comparative efficacy of Bedtime Restriction Therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for insomnia – a randomized controlled non-inferiority trialC. Nissen
Arabi Zanjani, Talayeh (UNIL)Impact of glial mitochondria on neuronal functionJY Chatton
Arrondeau, Chloé (UNIGE)Neural circuitry and molecular basis underlying impulsivity and risky decision makingNathalie Ginovart
Arslan, Mustafa (UNIGE)Quantitative multiparametric neuroimaging using PET/MRI and deep learningHabib Zaidi
Asadi, Saina (UNIL)Axonal diameter mapping & conduction speed across the brainJelescu, Ileana
Badina, Aurélien (UNIGE)TSPO in astrocytes: role and therapeutic potential in Alzheimer’s diseaseB. Tournier
Balavoine, Eline (UNIGE)Identification of area environment-dependent determinants of neuronal identityJabaudon, Denis
Balboni, Irene (UNIFR)Brain and behavioural markers of individual differences in language aptitudeR. Berthele & N. Golestani
Baldizzi, Guiseppina (UNIL)Predicting treatment-induced brain plasticity in Major Depressive DisorderB. Draganski
Banterle, Lila (UNIL)Role of sleep in the learning of goal-directed sensorimotor behaviorsLüthi, Anita
Berthouzoz, Pauline (UNIGE & Unidistance)The underlying mechanisms of visual long-term memory revealed by continuous
measure of selected features.
P. Ghisletta & C. Martarelli
Blanco-Cuaresma, Sergi (UNIL)The impact of heartbeat signals on auditory regularity processing in humansM. De Lucia & A. Serino
Boehringer, Andrew (UNIGE)Sensory Processing in the Preterm Population from Newborns to Adolescents Including a
Dynamic fMRI Approach
P. Huppi & D. Van de Ville
Borbora, Asfa Sabrin (UNIL)Evolution of peripheral olfactory circuits in drosophilids – Characterization of changes in olfactory sensory neuron number and identity in
related drosophilid species
R. Benton
Born, Maren (UNIL)Cognitive Immunity – Preparatory activation of the immune system through neural processesA. Serino
Boutabla, Anissa (UNIGE)Multimodal restoration of vestibular function using the Geneva-Maastricht vestibular implant prototype.Angélica Perez Fornos
Bouteldja, Farha (UNIL)Spasticity: identifying spinal mechanisms and developing therapiesC. Kathe
Bouzourene, Narimane (UNIL)Depicting the molecular mechanisms by which gut microbiome mediates excessive immune activation in binge eating and alcohol use disorders.Boutrel, Benjamin
Brosset, Soraya (UNIGE)Neural substrates of top-down modulation of visual cortex studied with multimodal brain imaging techniquesVuilleumier, Patrik
Burleson, Bram (UNIGE)tbdSani, Ilaria
Cabas, Irmak (UNIL)Role of the transcription coactivator CRTC1 in the circadian control of energy balance and mood regulationCardinaux, Jean-René
Cambon, Agathe (UNIGE)The impact of translanguaging pedagogy on the learning of French derivational morphology by adult migrants: an emotional and cognitive analysisJ. Franck
Cantando , Iva (UNIL)Investigations of post-natal development of astrocytes in neurodevelopmental disordersP. Bezzi
Carron, Charline (UNIL)Astrocytes Regulation Mechanisms of the Hippocampal Adult NeurogenesisNicolas Toni
Carruzzo, Fabien (UNIGE)Dysfunctional Reward Anticipation as a Neurobehavioral Marker for the Motivational Negative Symptoms of SchizophreniaStefan Kaiser
Casarotto, Giulia (UNIGE)Dissecting how social-related sensory cues are convey to the reward system to promote social interactionCamilla Bellone
Cataldo, Eugenie (UNIGE)Uncovering the role of the PIT in allocentric neglect.I. Sani
Chen, Saiyong (UNIL)tbdR. Stoop
Cherrad, Najma (UNIL)Vagal sensory inputs as regulators of mouse sleepAnita Lüthi
Chiron, Aimie (UNIL)Under the umbrella of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility spectrum disorders: what are the sensory and psychophysiological profiles characteristics?C. Berna-Renella & A Fernandez
Chondrou, Maria (UNIGE)Brain Network Analysis to Evaluate Patient Eligibility for Epilepsy SurgeryS Vulliemoz & N.Roehri
Constantin, Medeleine-Ioana (UNIGE)Brain functional connectivity and fingerprinting in relation to non-motor symptoms in asymmetric Parkinson’s diseaseJ. Peron
Coquoz, Laure (UNIL)Design of a brain-spinal cord interface aimed at motor rehabilitation after a strokeH. Lorrach & C. Bloch
Cosoli, Rita (UNIGE)Psycho-physiological stress-related changes when using Immersive Virtual Reality in vocational educationU. Rimmele & A. Cattaneo
Cretton, Alexandre (UNIL)The importance of variability and adaptive training on automatic process in motor skill learning: behavioral and neurofunctional markersC. Brandner & J. Barral
Cuenu Velasco, Angie Geraldine (UNIGE)Pacinian corpuscles across different mammalian speciesHuber, Daniel