PhD candidates from A-C

NameProjectThesis Director
Aeschlimann, Léa (UNIL)Vulnerability to binge eating and alcohol use disorder: would altered gut microbiota and systemic inflammation represent a developmental syndrome or an outcome?Boutrel, Benjamin
Alessandri, Maxime (UNIL)Neuron-glia interaction in the context of lactate signalingJean-Yves Chatton
Amir, Suje (UNIL)Unravelling the requirements to restore haemodynamic stability in neurological disordersBloch, Jocelyne & Courtine, Gregoire
Amosse, Quentin (UNIGE)Validation translationnelle de la quantification du TSPO par imagerie in vivoPhilippe Millet
Arrondeau, Chloé (UNIGE)Neural circuitry and molecular basis underlying impulsivity and risky decision makingNathalie Ginovart
Arslan, Mustafa (UNIGE)Quantitative multiparametric neuroimaging using PET/MRI and deep learningHabib Zaidi
Atanasova, Tanja (UNIGE)Variability in the Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood: a behavioral, social and neuroimaging study of maturation in Word Production and ReadingMarina Laganaro
Baaklini, Edeny (UNIGE)Optimization of neurorehabilitation procedures combined with epidural electrical stimulation of the spinal cord to restore motor control in patients with chronic and subacute spinal cord injuryDimitri Van de Ville & Jocelyn Bloch
Balavoine, Eline (UNIGE)Identification of area environment-dependent determinants of neuronal identityJabaudon, Denis
Balboni, Irene (UNIFR)Brain and behavioural markers of individual differences in language aptitudeR. Berthele
Banterle, Lila (UNIL)Role of sleep in the learning of goal-directed sensorimotor behaviorsLüthi, Anita
Batzianouli, Eleni (UNIL)The transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on the enhancement of the efficacy of rehabilitative intervention for the treatment of Freezing of Gait in Parkinson’s diseaseDavid Benninger
Baumann, Natalia (UNIGE)Transcriptional program of neocortical neuron differentiationDenis Jabaudon
Bawa, Tanika (UNIGE)The role of higher-order thalamic nuclei in sensory perceptionAnthony Holtmaat
Belles Ano, Lidia (UNIGE)Investigating the neurobiological basis of impulsivity and decision-making and their relationships with drug-seeking in ratsNathalie Ginovart
Bernini, Adriano (UNIL)Modulation of cerebral metabolism after brain injury in humansMauro Oddo
Berthouzoz, Pauline (UNIGE & Unidistance)The underlying mechanisms of visual long-term memory revealed by continuous
measure of selected features.
P. Ghisletta & C. Martarelli
Bhadra, Kinkini(UNIGE)Understanding the neural underpinnings causing dyslexia and proposing neurophysiological treatment to accelerate its rehabilitation process in children populationAnne-Lise Giraud
Borsarini, Bianca (UNIGE)Neuropsychobiology in Eating Disorders: a Neuroimaging investigation on ED-high-risk offspringNadia Micali
Boutabla, Anissa (UNIGE)Multimodal restoration of vestibular function using the Geneva-Maastricht vestibular implant prototype.Angélica Perez Fornos
Broglia, Gianandrea (UNIL)Neural Circuits and Mechanisms of Sleep-Wake TransitionsMehdi Tafti & Luc Pellerin
Brosset, Soraya (UNIGE)Neural substrates of top-down modulation of visual cortex studied with multimodal brain imaging techniquesVuilleumier, Patrik
Cabas, Irmak (UNIL)Role of the transcription coactivator CRTC1 in the circadian control of energy balance and mood regulationCardinaux, Jean-René
Carron, Charline (UNIL)Astrocytes Regulation Mechanisms of the Hippocampal Adult NeurogenesisNicolas Toni
Carruzzo, Fabien (UNIGE)Dysfunctional Reward Anticipation as a Neurobehavioral Marker for the Motivational Negative Symptoms of SchizophreniaStefan Kaiser
Casarotto, Giulia (UNIGE)Dissecting how social-related sensory cues are convey to the reward system to promote social interactionCamilla Bellone
Chalatsi, Theodora (UNIL)The role of autophagy in peripheral nervous system (PNS) development and in excitation/inhibition balance in the central nervous system (CNS)Vassiliki Nikoletopoulou
Cherrad, Najma (UNIL)Vagal sensory inputs as regulators of mouse sleepAnita Lüthi
Contestabile, Alessandro (UNIGE)The impact of sensory processing on social motivation in ASD animal modelsCamilla Bellone
Cretton, Alexandre (UNIL)The importance of variability and adaptive training on automatic process in motor skill learning: behavioral and neurofunctional markersC. Brandner & J. Barral
Cuenu Velasco, Angie Geraldine (UNIGE)Pacinian corpuscles across different mammalian speciesHuber, Daniel