Journal Clubs

General information

A series of twelve Journal Clubs per year can be validated with 1 ECTS as far as you respect these guidelines: 

1. Principle of organization
The journal club can be organized by the students themselves under the supervision of one local group leaders from their department or institute. It is open to all students in the Doctoral Program in Neurosciences and to all members from the organizing or affiliated department as well as to special invited participants (e.g. guest speakers). It should take place on a regular basis, weekly if possible, on a precise day and time. The responsible group leader should be present during each session.
2. Presentations
Presentations and presenters need to be announced at least one week in advance (if possible with a downloadable pdf file) and be publicly accessible on a website managed by the organizer(s), or sent by e-mail to all participants. Presentations should be no longer than one hour: 10-15 min general introduction, 20-30 min article presentation, 15-30 min discussion. The article presented should be on a neuroscience related topic from a high impact journal (impact factor 8 or higher), unless good reason exists (to confirm with supervising group leader). When possible, we strongly suggest that presenters coordinate the topic of their presentation with the departmental weekly seminar.
Participants should read the paper beforehand and prepare at least one question to discuss.
3. Credits
To validate credits for the journal club, students are required to prepare one presentation and attend 10 sessions. The Journal Club sheet, showing attendance and presentation dates, must be signed by the supervisor and sent to the LNDS coordinator.


Current LN Journal Clubs (JC)
JC titleInformation
  • JC of the Huber lab
  • Mondays at 9am sharp @ CMU Geneva, room 7266). The website is password-protected. Please contact to obtain the login infor
  • Developmental Neuroscience JC
  • Every first and third Wednesday of the month, 12 PM-1 PM , Room 8020, 8th floor, CMU Geneva. Please mail to for details on the program.
    JC Clinical neuroscience of pain @ CHUVPERIODICITY: One session per month (usually penultimate Tuesday of the Month, 12-13h, please contact us to receive future dates)
    PLACE: Seminar room of the pain center, CHUV, Lausanne (centre d’antalgie, CHUV main building BH06, entrée 5, room 164)
    FORMAT: A volunteer presents a paper with an important impact on pain research and clinical neuroscience (~30min). Reading the article in advance is not mandatory, but it’s advised. This presentation is followed by an abstract club, i.e. each participant is asked to pick an abstract, to give a brief summary and to explain the relevance for the field.
    CONTACT: please contact for details on the program.
    JC NeuroRestore @ CHUVEvery two weeks on Thursdays at 4pm @ CHUV, Pavillon 4 (VR Room).
    Please contact for the access to the journal club calendar. 
    Keywords: Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson’s disease, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, Neurorehabilitation, Neurotechnologies, Targeted electrical spinal stimulation, Brain-Machine interface.
    JC Psychiatric Neuroscience @ CHUV CéryIl s’agit de lectures et de présentations d’articles permettant d’offrir une approche transversale des neurosciences psychiatriques, du niveau moléculaire à celui de systèmes intégrés. Les articles sont envoyés aux participants inscrits au Journal Club afin qu’ils puissent se familiariser avec le sujet.
    Chaque article est présenté sous forme de diaporama power point qui analyse la structure de l’article, les hypothèses et les résultats obtenus. Il s’en suit une discussion par l’ensemble des participants.
    Lieu : Salle de séminaire, 1er étage CNP, site de Cery, 1008 Prilly
    Dates : Selon programme sur le site web (mot de passe à demander aux organisateurs)
    Horaire: Mardi de de 9h00 à 10h00 (en alternance avec le séminaire de recherche)