LNDS social activities

LNDS students are welcome to propose social activities at any time, and promote activities on the Facebook platform of the LNDS “Lemanic Neuroscience“. Furthermore, the initiative of a platform for LNDS Brain imaging students on Discord has been put forward: A virtual space dedicated to mutual help, listening and sharing within the community of PhD students, post-docs and M2 students. Please feel free to cretae new topics as you might look for company going to FENS, OHBM and SfN …

Run with the LNDS team

Whenever possible, we organize running teams for the 10 and 20km of Lausanne (but please feel welcome to suggest other team sport events). All NeuroLeman Networkers are welcome to join!

Results of recent team runs

2024 – Small team, but great results!

2022 – The first post-Covid 10/20km of Lausanne. Weather on May 8 was great; sunny and warm, maybe a bit too warm even … 14 NEUROPHILES were motivated to take on the challenge of a mass event and succeeded. Congratulations!