Labs from D-H

NameInstitutionResearch Topic
Decosterd, IsabelleCHUV-Anesthesiology / UNIL-DNFMechanisms of pain
Debbané, MartinUNIGE-FPSEPsychiatric Neuroscience; Development
De Lange, Ann-MarieCHUVBrain and cognitive health across the lifespan. Female health.
De Lucia, MarziaCHUVBrain function in coma
Despland, Jean-NicolasCHUVEvaluation des psychothérapies, Processus psychothérapeutique,
Psychopathologie, Psychothérapies
Do, Kim Q.CHUV-CNPTranslational research in schizophrenia
Draganski, BogdanCHUV-NeurologyAnatomical characterization of cortical and subcortical structures
Du Pasquier, RenaudCHUV 
Eap, Chin-BinCHUV-CNPClinical biochemistry and psychopharmacology
El-Boustani, SamiUNIGE-CMULearning, multisensory integration, perceptual inference, synaptic plasticity
Eliez, StephanUNIGE & OMPStudy of neurogenetic syndromes and psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents
Esteban, OscarCHUVMRI analysis tools
Franck, JulieUNIGE-FPSEPsycholinguistics, Language development and cognition
Franken, PaulUNIL-CIGSleep and energy homeostasis, circadian clock genes, QTL analysis, genetics of EEG activity
Garibotto, ValentinaHUGBiomarkers, molecular neuroimaging, neurodegeneration, neurotransmission
Gasche, YvanHUGBlood-brain barrier, cerebral ischemia, neuronal degeneration, stroke
Gatfield, DavidUNIL-CIGCircadian clocks, miRNAs, translation, RNA binding proteins, post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression, metabolism
Ghisletta, PaoloUNIGE-FPSEBehavior & Cognition; Computation & Simulation
Ginovart, NathalieUNIGE-HUGPET; vulnerabilty to addiction
Giraud, Anne-LiseUNIGE-CMUNeural bases of speech processing. Electrophysiology and computational modeling
Grandjean, DidierUNIGE-FPSENeuroscience of Emotion and Affective Dynamics
Gruber, Thibaud UNIGE-FPSE Social learning, tool use, culture, communication in great apes and humans.
Hagmann, PatricCHUVBrain connectome, MRI
Heinzer, RaphaelCHUVSleep
Hirt, LorenzCHUV / UNIL-DNFExperimental stroke and neuroprotection
Holtmaat, AnthonyUNIGE-CMUStructural synaptic plasticity
Horsch, AntjeUNIL-IUFRS & CHUVPerinatal psychology (stress and trauma)
Huber, DanielUNIGE-CMUNeural circuits and behavior
Hummel, FriedhelmEPFL & UNIGENeuroplasticity, neuronal control of sensorimotor function, motor learning, healthy aging
Hüppi, PetraHUGChild Development Disorders: Study of normal and abnormal brain development in high risk neonates with neuro-imaging