Amicitia Excellence Prize

The Amicitia Association awards an Excellence Prize in recognition of outstanding scientific research in all areas of neuroscience. The aim is to support graduates from the neuroscience doctoral programs in the Lemanic area who are continuing their scientific career in an internationally recognized academic institution.

Application conditions and procedures

The candidate for the award must have obtained a PhD degree from a local doctoral program in neuroscience (i.e. Lemanic Neuroscience Doctoral School or EDNE-EPFL) after December 31, 2019 and have a contract for a research position in a foreign academic institution.

The award
is foreseen for an individual applicant, and is a monetary reward ~5’000 CHF (depending on the funds of the association available). The award aims to complement the salary of graduates who continues her/his career in a foreign country. The prize is awarded once a year on the occasion of the Annual Meeting of the NeuroLéman Network and Doctoral Schools (NLN). The awardee may be required to give a special lecture during the annual neuroscience retreat or in an event organized by the Amiticia Association.

How to apply
The application must include:

  • Your thesis in pdf format
  • Motivation letter (max. 2 pages)
  • CV (max. 1 page)
  • Publication list
  • Copy of the contract from the foreign academic institution hosting you

The candidates are evaluated by a committee formed by members of the Amicitia Association and local faculty. The decision of the committee is final. Given your application is chosen for the award, two printed copies of your thesis must be sent in time before the award ceremony.

Please send your application to: (please put in copy)
Association Amicitia
c/o Dr A Tempia-Caliera
Avenue Jomini 8
CH-1004 Lausanne

Be nice to the planet, electronic applications are accepted!

LIST of amicitia Awardees
Alessandro Contestabile is the awardee of the Amicitia foundation in 2023. He is currently doing his Postdoc at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden. Congratulations!
2023Alessandro Contestabile (UNIGE): The impact of sensory processing on social motivation in autism spectrum disorder animal models (Thesis director: Camilla Bellone)
2022Beatrice Barra (UNIFR)
2021Marieke Hoekstra (UNIL)
2020Aurore Perrault (UNIGE)
2019Sebastiano Bariselli (UNIL)
2018Thomas Stefanelli (UNIGE)
2017Elsa Juan (UNIL)
2016Gabrielle Pouchelon (UNIGE)
2015Lorenzo Fontolan (UNIGE)
2014Leonie Koban (UNIGE)
2013Jennifer Zenker (UNIL)
2012Arnaud Lalive d’Epinay (UNIGE)
2011Corinne Benakis (UNIL)

Alessandro Cotestabile (2023), Beatrice Barra (2022), Marieke Hoekstra (2021), Aurore Perrault (2020), Sebastiano Bariselli (2019), Thomas Stefanelli (2018) & Elsa Juna (2017)