Labs from I-L

NameInstitutionResearch Topic
Ibañez, VicenteHUGBrain imaging of neuropsychiatric disorders
Ionta, SilvioHopt. OphtalmiqueStudy of causal link between (dysfunctional) neural activity and (distorted) behavioral phenotypes
Jabaudon, DenisUNIGE-CMUMolecular controls over the development and plasticity of cerebral cortical maps
James, ClaraUNIGE-FPSEBrain plasticity, child development, countervail cognitive decline, Musical training regimens

Jelescu, Ileana
CHUVbiophysical modeling, brain microstructure and function, diffusion and functional MRI
Kaiser, StefanHUGNegative symptoms of schizophrenia and other severe mental disorders
Kellenberger, StephanUNIL-DSBFunction and structure-function relationship of acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs)
Kerzel, DirkUNIGE-FPSECognitive Psychology: How attention and perceptual factors interact in the visual guidance of eye and hand movements
Kherif, FerathCHUV-NeurologyStudy of inter-subject variation to understand the neural basis of cognitive processes in normal and abnormal populations
Knobloch, MarlenUNIL-DSBImpact of ageing and disease on metabolic regulation of stem cells and adult neurogenesis
Kostic, CorinneHop. OphtalmiqueRetinal disorders
Kuntzer, ThierryCHUVNeurology: muscle and peripheral nerve disorders
Laganaro, MarinaUNIGE-FPSEAphasia, brain damages, language, phonetic encoding
Langlet, FannyUNIL-DBSEnergy homeostasis, tanycytes –peculiar hypothalamic glial cells
Lalive, PatriceHUGNeuroimmunology
Lamy, ChristopheUNIGENeural circuits of behavior, Neurometabolic interactions
Landis, BasileHUGRhinology and Olfactology: Clinical investigations of chemical senses disorders (olfaction, taste and trigeminal sense) and psychophysical and objective (evoked potentials) testing of these modalities.
Lavenex, PierreUNIL-SSPBrain and cognitive development – Neurobiological basis of learning and memory across the lifespan – Neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders
Lüscher, ChristianUNIGE-CMUAddiction and Dopamine System: Study of phenomena of synaptic transmission and plasticity in the ventral tegmental area to elucidate mechanims underlying addiction.
Lüthi, AnitaUNIL-DNFPhysiology of sleep and cognitive functions