PhD candidates from L-R

NameProjectThesis Director
Labancová, Katarina (UNIGE)N. Kazanina
Latreche, Kenza (UNIGE)Identification of the mechanisms in the development of communication in children diagnosed with autismSchaer, Marie
Lavalley, Adrian (UNIGE)Transcriptional control of axonogenesis in developing corticospinal neurons after spinal cord injuryDenis Jabaudon
Leupin, Viviana (UNIFR)Brain, Body and ConsciousnessJuliane Britz & Roberto Caldara
Licata, Abigail (UNIGE)It’s all just semantics: The impact of semantic similarity on neurocognitive mechanisms underlying conceptual representation in healthy bilingualsV. Borghesani
Lo Guidice, Quentin (UNIGE)Transcriptional control of neuronal specification and axon guidanceD. Jabaudon & P. Favre
Mammeri, Kevin (UNIGE)Imagery rescripting and targeted memory reactivation in insomnia disorderL. Perogamvros
Mannion, Kelly (UNIGE)Understanding how variation in food intake and effort correlate with tool use in Bugoma Forest chimpanzeesGruber, Thibaud
Marca, Sandy (UNIGE)A Neurophysiological Marker of Second Language Learning at the Individual Level Laganaro, Marina & Reber, Thomas & Rothen, Nicolas
Marchessaux, FlorianRole of D2R-dependent mesostriatal activity in impulsivity, novelty-seeking, and vulnerability to drug
Ginovart, Nathalie
Marchi, Nicola (UNIL)Role of sleep-based biomarkers in the early detection of dementiaDraganski, Bogdan & Heinzer, Raphael
Masood, Anas (UNIGE)Studying the neuronal mechanisms underlying decision-making in social gamesEl-Boustani, Sami
Menoud, Pauline (UNIL)Cognitive neuro­rehabilitation of multiple sclerosis using gamified cognitive – physical dual task trainingSokolov, Arsenij
Milanese, Paola (UNIL)Monoaminergic signalization during sleep in mice and early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease alterationsA. Lüthi
Mohammadi, Nosratullan (UNIGE)Neural dynamics of overt and imagined speechGiraud, Anne-Lise
Molton, Ophelie (UNIL)Study of the activation and modulation mechanisms of ASIC channelsStephan Kellenberger
Monney, Jonathan (UNIGE)Abnormal neuronal ensemble activity underlying epileptic seizures in the human brainMégevand, Pierre
Monnor, Teerawat (UNIGE)P. Ghisletta
Morassut, Ilaria (UNIGE)Molecular mechanisms of cortical development and circuit formationJabaudon, Denis
Moser, Charlene (UNIL)Neurorehabilitation of patients with brain lesions, using innovative tools like virtual realitySokolov, Arsenij
Mota Caseiro, David (UNIL)

Moulinier, Marie (UNIGE)What is the role played by the claustrum in the communication between
cortical areas?
Carleton, Alan
Mousavi, Maryam (UNIL)L. Hirt
Müller, David (UNIL)Behavioral and brain mechanisms underlying procedural and declarative learningC. Thevenot & J. Prado
Nguyen, Arthur (UNIGE)The plasticity of Attentional ControlDaphne Bavelier
Nguyen-Duc, Jasmine (UNIL)FIREPATH in clinical dMRII. Jelescu
Nonni, Martina (UNIGE)Comparing first and third person emotion experience: insights from cinema and VRP. Vuilleumier
Nwamenkan Belinga, Luc (UNIL)K. Richetin & G. Allali
Onay, Neslihan (UNIGE) Effect of Emotion on Episodic Memory At Different AgesU. Rimmele
Padee, Anna (UNIFR)Machine learning for predictive multi-modal markers of neuropsychiatric disordersP. Missionier & J. Richiardi (CHUV)
Pajot, Clémentine (UNIL)Role of EphrinB3 in the excitability of POMC neurons and in the control of energy balance and glucose homeostasisS. Croizier
Panfilova, Diana (UNIL)The role of lipid droplets in cellular identityM. Knobloch
Panzeri, Alessandra (UNIGE)Investigating the role of Dopamine and Serotonin in the inter-individual variability in social motivationCamilla Bellone
Parapera Papantoniou, Lito (UNIL)Consequences of social stress: from behavior to neurons and backS. Tzanoulinou
Patel, Jagruti (UNIL)Discovering the connectome spectral signatures of behavior Hagmann, Patric
Patsourakos, Vasileios (UNIL)Optogenetic Therapy for Peripheral Nerve Disorders (Optogenetic-PNS)J. Bloch & T. Hutson
Pavan, Tommaso (UnIL)Biomarkers of Psychosis and SchizophreniaJelescu, Ileana
Peithi, Amalia (UNIL)Neuroanatomical investigation of hippocampus and amygdala structure in a mouse model of Williams syndromeP. Lavenex & P. Banta-Lavenex
Perrin, Florian (UNIL)Consciousness and Central Autonomic Network In HumansP. Ryvlin & M. De Lucia
Petrova ,Teya (UNIL)Brain dysconnectivity and cognitive impairment in early psychosis: interplay between nature and nurtureP. Klauser
Piette, Theophane (UNIGE)Can Dogs (Canis familiaris) and Baboons (Papio anubis) exhibit key linguistic and language-related neuronal mechanisms?Giraud, Anne-Lise & Grandjean, Didier
Pittet, Marie (UNIL)Assessment and neurorehabilitation of deficits in social cognition following acquired brain damageSokolov, Arsenij
Policet-Bétend, Heloise (UNIGE)The neuronal pathways of cardiorespiratory interoception in the regulation of emotionsC. Lamy & Dr. Beaulieu
Pourchet, Thomas (UNIGE)Stimulations cérébrales non-invasives innovantes dans la réhabilitation chez le lombalgique chroniqueArmand, Stéphane
Provins, Céline (UNIL)Uncovering the interplay of structure, function, and dynamics of brain connectivity using MRIHagmann, Patric & Esteban, Oscar
Python, Laurena (UNIGE)Neural bases of addictionC. Luscher & A. Pouget
Rafi, Halima (UNIGE)Neurofunctional Correlates of Attentional Difficulties during AdolescenceMartin Debbané
Raynaud, Quentin (UNIL)Design of acquisition strategies for the mitigation of physiological noise in quantitative MRI dataAntoine Lutti & R. Van Heeswijk
Rebeaud, Jessica (UNIL)The microbiota-gut-brain axis during CNS autoimmunity using multiple sclerosis murine models and an in vitro human blood-brain barrier model Pot, Caroline
Regazzi, Nicola (UNIL)Single-cell atlas of spinal cord injury in zebrafish, rodents and primates J. Bloch & G. Courtine
Renard, Margot (UNIL)Hypothalamic transcriptional dynamics underlying the control of puberty and reproductionA. Messina & N. Pitteloud
Rey, Alicia (UNIL)The role of lipid metabolism in brain aging and diseaseM. Knobloch
Richard, Jeanne (UNIGE)Affective and cognitive functioning in relation to food intakeD. Sander & G. Coppin
Riveland, Reidar (UNIGE)Bayesian Reinforcement Learning and MemoryAlexandre Pouget
Rothenfusser, Kaspar (UNIL)Développement d’une technique de tomographie holographique pour l’exploration de la dynamique tridimensionnelle des cellules neurales à l’échelle nanométrique : perspectives pour l’identification de biomarqueurs cellulaires des troubles psychiquesChin B. Eap & Pierre Marquet