Labs from S-Z

NameInstitutionResearch Topic
Sander, DavidUNIGE-FPSENeuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion
Sani, IlariaUNIGE-CMUHuman and animal capability of understanding and navigating complex situations; consequences of brain diseases
Savioz, ArmandHUGNeocortical vulnerability, compensatory mechanisms and cerebral reserve in aging and Alzheimer’s disease
Schaer, MarieUNIGE & OMPAutism
Schaller, KarlHUGMechanisms of cerebral ischemia and pathophysiology of cerebral blood flow
Schechter, DanielCHUV-CNPEarly Childhood Stress project
Schnider, ArminHUGCognitive Neurorehabilitation: Amnesia and Confabulation: Mechanisms and Rehabilitation.
Schwartz, SophieUNIGE-CMUSleep and Cognition Neuroimaging
Seeck, MargittaHUGEEG and Epilepsy
Senn, PascalHUGInner ear biology; Therapeutic approaches in deafness
Serino, AndreaCHUVMultisensory mechanisms of underlying the representation of Peripersonal Space (PPS)
Simmler, LindaUNIGE-CMUMechanism-based reversal of pathological synaptic plasticity in OCD as strategy for Pharmacological treatment
Sokolov, ArsenijCHUVBody language, Brain connectivity
& imaging, Cognitive neurorehabilitation, Virtual reality
Spierer, LucasUNIFRClinical and functional neuroimaging investigations of learning-induced cortical plasticity
Stoop, RonCHUV-CNPNeurobiology of anxiety: role of the amygdala
Suter, MarcCHUVNeuropathy; Chronic Pain
Tafti, MehdiUNIL-DSBGenetic basis of sleep
Tenenbaum, LilianeCHUVGene transfer for cellular and gene therapy of Parkinson’s disease
Telley, LudovicUNIL-DNFCerebellum; Motor functions
Thevenot, CatherineUNIL-SSPDevelopment of numerical abilities; Dyscalculia
Toni, NicolasCHUV-CNPSynaptic integration of new neurons in the adult hippocampus
Truttmann, AnitaUNIL-DNFNeuroprotection against neonatal stroke and asphyxia
Ugazio, GiuseppeUNIGE-GSEMSocial behavior; Decision-making; Moral values
Van De Ville, DimitriEPFL & UNIGESignal and image processing; Brain network dynamics
Vergauwe, EwieUNIGE-FPSEBrain development, brain imaging, child development, executive functions, memory
Villa, AlessandroUNIL-HECNeuroheuristics
Vuilleumier, PatrikUNIGE-CMUBehavioral Neurology and Imaging of Cognition
Vulliemoz, SergeHUGEpilepsy and Brain Networks
Vutskits, LaszloHUGNeuroscience-oriented Anesthesia: Investigating the effects of anesthetics on the developing central nervous system.
Zaidi, HabibHUGPET Instrumentation and Neurosciences
Zurich Fontanellaz, Marie-GabrielleUNIL-DSBCellular pathways of environmental adverse effects