Labs from M-R

NameInstitutionResearch Topic
Magara, FulvioCHUV-CNPNeurobiology of mood and perinatal stress
Mameli, ManuelUNIL-DNFBehavioral adaptations following synaptic modifications in discrete neuronal circuit
Martarelli, CorinnaUnidistanceMental imagery, memory and eye-tracking research, virtual reality in learning
Martin, Jean LucCHUV-CNP / UNIL-DPNeuronal Development and Depression
Martin Moraud, EduardoCHUVNeuromodulation therapies of brain and spinal-cord; Parkinson’s disease
Maurer, RolandUNIGE-FPSEHuman Spatial Orientation
Mégevand, Pierre UNIGE-HUG Language and Communication, Attention and Cognition
Micali, NadiaUNIGE-HUGPsychiatric Neuroscience; Development; Eating Disorders
Michel, ChristophUNIGE-CMUFunctional Brain Mapping: Dynamic Electric Neuroimaging of large-scale cerebral neuronal networks in the healthy and pathological human brain
Michel, PatrikCHUVNeuroplasticity; Stroke
Millet, PhilippeHUGPET and SPECT Quantification: Quantification of PET ligand-binder interactions
Mohr, ChristineUNIL-SSPExperimental Study of Behavior
Mühlethaler, MichelUNIGE-CMUSleep Networks: Neural networks involved in sleep and wakefulness
Murray, MicahCHUV-Departments of Clinical Neurosciences and Department of RadiologyMultisensory interactions
Nagoshi, EmiUNIGE-Sciences IIIBehavioral neuroscience and neurodegeneration. Circadian rhythms. Parkinson’s disease. Drosophila & mammals.
Neukomm, LukasDNF-UNILMolecular mechanisms of axon survival and degeneration
Novy, JanCHUVEpilepsy treatment, markers for treatment responses
Nikoletopoulou, VassilikiUNIL-DNFAutophagic mechanisms of protein homeostasis in neurons
Oddo, MauroCHUVNeuroreanimation; Cerebral metabolism in brain-lesioned patients
Paolicelli, Rosa ChiaraUNIL-DSBMicroglia; brain development
Pérez Fornos, AngélicaCHUVVestibular neuroprostetics
Plomp, GijsUNIFRPerceptual networks in vision
Popp, JuliusCHUV-CNPNeuropsychiatry, neurodegeneration, biomarkers, neurocognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, neuroimmunology
Pouget, AlexandreUNIGE-CMUNeural basis of probabilistic inference
Prior, JohnCHUV 
Proix, TimothéeUNIGE-FPSESpoken language; Neuronal dynamics; Epileptic seizure detection
Pot, CarolineCHUVMS, Neuroimmunology
Prsa, MarioUNIFRNeural control of sensorimotor adaptation, Forelimb movement adaptation, Neural basis of proprioception
Ptak, RadekHUG-Beau-SéjourSpatial Attention, Perception and Action
Pun, ThierryUNIGE-SciencesComputer Vision and Multimedia: interested in multimodal interaction, affective computing, brain-computer interaction, emotions analysis
Puyal, JulienUNIL-DNFNeuroprotection against neonatal stroke and asphyxia
Rainer, GregorUNIFRCognitive functions in the tree shrew and primate visual system
Ramon, MeikeUNIFRFace processing, super-recogizers
Rasch, BjornUNIFRRole of sleep for cognitive and affective brain functions
Reber, ThomasUnidistanceEEG, Epilepsy
Richetin, KevinCHUV-CNPNeurodegenerative Dementias, biomarkers
Richiardi, JonasCHUVModeling of imaging data
Rimmele, UlrikeUNIGE-FPSEEmotion, stress, memory, learning
Rodriguez, IvanUNIGE-SciencesDevelopmental and Molecular Biology of Sensory Systems
Rossetti, AndreaCHUV-NeurologyStatus epilepticus. Outcome prognostication after cerebral anoxia
Rothen, Nicolas Unidistance Memory, perception, synesthesia
Ryvlin, PhilippeCHUVNeurology; Epilepsy