Labs from A-C

NameInstitutionResearch Topic
Armand, StéphaneUNIGEBioinformatics, Biomarkers, Decision making, Locomotion, Motor control, Motor function, Motor system, Neurology, Rehabilitation, Sensorimotor function, Movement analysis, Clinical gait analysis
Arsenijevic, YvanHop. OphtalmiqueRetinal degeneration and regeneration
Bagni, ClaudiaUNIL-DNFFragile X Syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, schizophrenia
Barral, JerômeUNILDevelopment and control of motor functions
Baud, OlivierHUGAngiogenesis, brain development, brain imaging, brain lesions, cortical connectivity
Bavelier, DaphneUNIGE-FAPSEattention, brain plasticity, deafness, video games
Bellone, CamillaUNIGE-CMUReward circuit dysfunction in neurodevelopmental disorders
Benninger, DavidCHUVClinical neurophysiology and non-invasive brain stimulation
Benton, RichardUNIL-CIGChemosensory perception and evolution in insects
Berney, AlexandreCHUV Neuropsychiatry, physician-patient communication, Empathy and mental health of medical students
Berna Renella, ChantalCHUVPain mechanisms in humans; brain imaging
Bernheim, LaurentUNIGE-CMUStudy of skeletal muscle regeneration
Bezzi, PaolaUNIL-DNFImaging regulated secretion processes in the brain
Bijlenga, PhilippeHUGCerebral ischemia
Bloch, JocelyneCHUVNeurosurgery; Neuroprosthetics
Borghesani, ValentinaUNIGE-FPSEMemory and language; Clinical neuropsychology
Boutrel, BenjaminCHUV-CNPNeurobiology of Addiction, Stress and Craving
Braissant, OlivierCHUVAlteration of CNS development due to inborn errors of metabolism
Braschler, ThomasUNIGE-CMURegenerative cell therapy in the brain for stroke and Parkinson’s disease, Soft tissue reconstruction
Brandner, CatherineUNIL-SSPSex differences / Visuospatial cognition
Britz, JulianeUNIFR
Brosch, TobiasUNIGE-FPSESustainable behavior; decison-making
Burra, NicolasUNIGE-FPSEBrain imaging, EEG, Gaze, Social cognition, social context, social interaction
Cardinaux, Jean-RenéCHUV-CNPAddiction: molecular mechanisms of plasticity
Carleton, AlanUNIGE-CMUSensory Perception and Plasticity
Chanal, JulienUNIGE-FPSESelf-determination theory
Chatton, Jean-YvesUNIL-DNFImaging the neuron-glia metabolic interplay
Clarke, StephanieCHUV-Neuropsychology and Neurorehabilitation 
Corradi-Dell’Acqua, CorradoUNIGE-FPSEBody and pain perception  
Courtine, GregoireEPFL-BMINeurorehabilitation and Neuroregeneration