PhD candidates from D-K

NameProjectThesis Director
Dali, Abdel-Rafi (UNIL)Tanycyte/arcuate Neuron communications in the regulation of energy balanceLanglet, Fanny
Dall’Olio, Lucas (UNIL & Unidistance)Preschool children’s learning from 3D virtual reality: Investigating the educational impact of the 21st century fairy talesMartarelli, Corinna
Daskalaki, Akrivi (UNIL)Unconventional functions of autophagy in neuronsVassiliki Nikoletopoulou
Decaillet, Marion (UNIL)Multimodal neuro-assessment after perinatal asphyxia with encephalopathy, in neonates in the NICU and children at 6 years of ageMurray, Micah & Schneider J.
De Coucy, Alexandra (UNIL)Neuron subtype specific spinal cord regeneration Bloch, Jocelyne & G. Courtine
Delavari, Farnaz (UNIGE)Characterizing developmental neural correlates of psychosis predisposition in patients with 22q11.2DS using multimodal neuroimaging techniquesEliez, Stephan & Van De Ville, Dimitri
De Oliveira Figueiredo, Eva (UNIL)Postnatal maturation of astrocytes and pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental disordersPaola Bezzi
Depierre, Pauline (UNIL)Investigating the molecular interactions between enhanced autophagy and neuronal death: paving the way for new neuroprotective strategiesJulien Puyal
Di Muccio, Francesco (UNIL)Physical activity and sustained attention: an electro-cortical approachJ. Barral & C. Brandner
Djukanovic, Nina (UNIL)Dissecting the role of ACOT11 in sleep regulationPaul Franken
Doganci, Naz (UNIGE)Functional diversity of the dorsal frontoparietal network of the human brain studied with a lesion approachRadek Ptak
Duarte, Fabio (UNIL)Viral-Mediated Gene Repair for Huntington’s diseaseNicole Deglon
Duarte Azevedo, Marcelo (UNIL)Mechanism of trophic signaling in nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons mediated by terminally-administered GDNF gene delivery in selectively targeted neuronal subtypesLiliane Tenenbaum
Elbassiouny, Mai (UNIGE)Modulation of Emotional MemoryU. Rimmele
Erdemli, Asli (UNIGE)How GABAergic transmission could influence ventral tegmental area neuronal activity during postnatal development and their consequences in reward processDavid Sander
Espinosa, Pedro (UNIGE)How GABAergic transmission could influence ventral tegmental area neuronal activity during postnatal development and their consequences in reward processCamilla Bellone
Espourteille, Jeanne (UNIL)Stratification and Prediction of Neurodegenerative Disease in Cognitive Complaint PatientsToni, Nicolas & Richetin, Kevin
Farcy, Camille (UNIGE)Transcranial direct current stimulation as new treatment approach for post-stroke aphasiaPtak, Radek & Guggisberg, Adrian
Fall, Aida (UNIGE)Dynamic Network Signatures of the Healthy Aging BrainUnschuld, Paul
Fanda, Lora (UNIGE)Detecting and predicting epileptic seizures in the human brain using microelectrode recordingsMégevand, Pierre
Ferat, Victor (UNIGE)Training spatiotemporally-defined brain activity patterns with EEG neurofeedbackChristoph Michel
Fernandes, Gabriella (UNIL)Cerebral creatine deficiency syndromes: New in vivo AAV approaches to treat SLC6A8 deficiencyOlivier Braissant
Ferreira, Clothilde (UNIGE)Diversité et formation des neurones du cortex piriforme et influence des expositions olfactivesI. Rodriguez & S.Fièvre
Friscourt, Fabien (UNIGE)Investigation of the mechanisms driving the development and the modulation of large-scale epileptic networks in the kainate mouse model of temporal lobe epilepsyMichel, Christoph & C. Quairiaux
Fuciec, Daniel (UNIGE)Single cell connectivity of cortical malformationsJabaudon, Denis
Galli, Riccardo (UNIGE)Understanding the Neural Substrates of Neurofeedback Modulations of Visual Attention: Multimodal Brain Imaging and Application to Hemispatial Neglect SyndromeVuilleumier, Patrik
Gayer, Mihaly (UNIL)Genetic and modifiable lifetime factors determining brain healthDraganski, Bogdan & Z. Kutalik
Gercek, Berk (UNIGE)Integrating the effect of constraints on neural development in theoretical models of the brainAlexandre Pouget
Giacchi, Gianluca (UNIL)M. Murray & B. Franceschiello
Giangreco, Basilio (UNIL)Modeling Schizophrenia with induced Pluripotent Stem Cells technologyKim Do & Nicolas Toni
Ginggen, Kyllian (UNIL)Microglia-mediated synapse remodeling and the possible role of amyloid-betaRosa Chiara Paolicelli
Godel, Michel (UNIGE)Early auditory processing in ASDSchaer, Marie
Gomez Teijeiro, Lucia (UNIGE)Investigating the role of the 5HT3A receptor in cortical interneuron subtype developmentAlexandre Dayer
Gouelle, Cathy (UNIL)Subcellular localization, translocation and trafficking of the neuronal monocarboxylate transporter MCT2: their implications on synaptic transmissionLukas Neukomm & Luc Pellerin
Grieco, Fabio (UNIL)The emergence of emotional individuality in miceToni, Nicolas
Grosu, Claire (UNIL)Psychotropic drug-induced weight gain: brain imaging study on hunger and satietyChin Bin Eap
Grouvel, Gauthier (UNIGE)EVI – Efficacy of the Vestibular Implant for the rehabilitation of patients with severe bilateral vestibulopathyA. Perez Fornoz & S. Armand
Gutierrez de Velazco Schmidt, Cynthia (UNIL)Olfaction in Fragile X Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders and its influence in maladaptive behaviorsBagni, Claudia
Guyoton, Maelle (UNIGE)Study of the molecular and synaptic bases of associative learning during goal-directed multisensory tasksSami El-Boustani
Gyorgy, David (UNIGE)Multilingualism and Rule Extraction in the Linguistic and Auditory DomainsJulie Franck
Hubert, Felix (UNIGE)Probabilistic computations in the brain during decision-makingPouget, Alexandre
Hudelle, Rémi (UNIL)Stimulation épidurale pour moduler et réhabiliter la fonction autonome après une lésion médullaireBloch, Jocelyne & G. Courtine
Isler, Manon (UNIGE)Neuropathic pain: mechanisms of spinal microglia sensingSuter, Marc
Issa-Garcia, Victor (UNIL)NeuroImaging PREProcessing toolS (NiPreps) / TemplateFlowO. Esteban & P. Hagmann
Joëssel, Freya (UNIGE)Understanding the placebo effect in perceptual learning : Dissociating the influence of treatment, motivation and expectation on training outcomesDaphné Bavelier
Kikuchi, Toko (UNIL)Studying the role of astrocyte signaling in cognitive function with combined use of in vivo imaging and behavioral testingAndrea Volterra
Kiss-Bodolay, Daniel (UNIGE)Investigating plasticity in the medial prefrontal cortex in a mouse model of anxietyAnthony Holtmaat
Klaassen, Arndt-Lucas (UNIFR)The role of the basal forebrain and neocortical regions in sleep dependent memory consolidationGregor Rainer
Knight-Celen, Zeynep (UNIGE)The Effects of Mindfulness on The Developing Teenage BrainPatrik Vuilleumier & Camille Piguet
Knoop, Marit (UNIGE)Regulating microglia reactivity to protect the developing brain: a role for oxytocinergic neuronsBaud, Olivier
Kocia, Magdalena (UNIL)Mechanisms executing neurodegeneration triggered by NAD+ depletionLukas Neukomm
Kojovic, Nada (UNIGE)Neurodevelopmental trajectories in preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)Marie Schaer
Konik, Stephanie (UNIL)Multisensory and motor components of upper limb representation: evidence from brain lesions.Andrea Serino
Konnova, Elena (UNIL)Contribution of peripheral nerve excitability in development of chronic painIsabelle Decosterd & Marc Suter