Labs associated with the LNDS

Labs associated with the LNDS are primarily research labs that are also associated with the The NeuroLéman Network, i.e. those with a link to the Universities of Lausanne (UNIL), Geneva (UNIGE ), and Fribourg (UNIFR ), as well as of the University Hospitals of Lausanne (CHUV ) and Geneva (HUG ). PhD candidates at the EPFL enroll in one of the PhD programs of the EPFL (EDNE or EDBB).

Labs associated with the LNDS are active in many neuroscience domains, i.e. neurobiology, neuroengineering, computational and theoretical neuroscience, neurology, (neuro)psychiatry and psychology.

Please find below the list of labs that host LNDS PhD candidates. in alphabetical order. For more information and/or a thematic search please refer to the website of the NeuroLéman Network.