Complementary courses

— incl. Transversal skills training offers —

Please see here for our website listing e-learning activities and how they can be validated.

Please note that courses listed below have varying modes of registration:

  • Courses marked * : direct you to a self-enrollment website. Register and send the course certificate to the LNDS coordinator. Please note that the UNIL language courses are often only accessible for UNIL students.
  • Courses marked + : are organized by UNIGE and often only accessible for UNIGE students. Please directly contact the course organizer to enroll. In case of problems, ask the LNDS coordinator for help.
  • Courses unmarked : Send an e-mail to the LNDS coordinator at least 2 weeks before course start.
Scientific topicsECTSWhen?
Neurobiology of Decision Making (Lausanne)1Feb 23 April 24, 2024
Désir, plaisir et dépendance, une histoire moderne de l’addiction: aspects théoriques (Lausanne)1April 19 – May 24, 2024
Translational Research in Psychiatric Neuroscience : from Animal Model to Humans (Lausanne)1April 26 – May 24, 2024
Désir, plaisir et dépendance, une histoire moderne de l’addiction : aspects cliniques (Lausanne)1Autumn semester
* Animal experimentation and statistics courses of the RESAL Lemanic Network in Geneva and LausanneIntroductory Course in Laboratory Animal Science
* Workshops of the UNIL Cellular Imaging Facilityvarious
* Courses of the UNIL Electron Microscope Facilityvarious
* Courses of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB)various
Course program of the FBM-UNIL Life Science PhD program various
Course program of the UNIGE Life Science PhD programvarious
Transversal Skills and Career Development HelpECTSWhen?
Innosuisse Startup Training3Geneva and Lausanne
Workshop: Stop procrastinating. Start working.(4 half-days online; register before September 20)1upon request
Public Dissemination Skills (Lausanne; register before February 16)1March 4 -13, 2024
Communication et médias (en français; Geneva)0.5tba
+ UNIGE Scientific writing and communication2Autumn semester
+ UNIGE library courses (e.g. Data management plan; bibliographic search and referencing)various
+ UNIGE courses on complementary skills offered by the Teaching Divisionvarious
* UNIL Graduate Campus Workshopsvarious
* UNIL Skills for Scientists workshops and eventsvarious
* UNIL Academic writing skills for doctoral students2various
* UNIL: Presenting Research in English12-day course in January and June
* UNIL: Communicating in English in an Academic Context for Master and PhD students25-day course in January and June
* UNIL: Preparing a 3 Minute Thesis Presentation in English for Doctoral Students0.5tbd
* UNIL /CHUV workshops on data management, bibliographic search and referencing and more …various
Course program of the UNIGE Life Science Doctoral programvarious
Course program of the FBM-UNIL Life Science PhD program various
REGARD: Le programme d’ateliers pour la relève fémininevarious
Course offers by the CUSO program various