Bhutan Himalaya – Shillong Plateau seismotectonics paper

Our work on the seismotectonic interaction between the Bhutan Himalaya and the Shillong Plateau has just been published in Tectonophysics. The results point to a weaker interaction between thrust faults in the two regions than previously suggested. Earthquakes on these thrusts mostly affect strike-slip faults connecting the two regions, so there is no “stress shadow” effect from the 1897 earthquake on the Bhutan Himalaya.

EASI receiver function results published

The first paper of the Eastern Alpine Seismic Investigation (EASI) project, discussing the crustal structure using various approaches based on receiver functions, has been accepted for publication in Tectonophysics. The final version is now online. EASI is an AlpArray Complementary Experiment, carried out by IG Prague, U Vienna, ETH Zurich and U Lausanne. EASI data will be open to the public in Autumn 2018.