Historical Bhutan earthquake in 1714

With the help of several historical documents as well as two geological sites studied with paleoseismological methods, we could constrain a hitherto unclear earthquake in the Himalaya. The results reveal that the 1714 earthquake occurred in Bhutan, and that it was a major event with a magnitude of 7.5-8.5. For details see our paper published in Geophysical Research Letters here.

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Sofia Kufner visiting

Sofia Kufner, a postdoctoral research scientist at the GFZ Potsdam will be visiting us on 24-25th October. She will give the ISTE seminar on Deep India meets deep Asia: a seismological view of lithospheric slab interaction under Hindu Kush and Pamir, on Monday 24th at 17:15 in Géopolis-1620. Everyone interested in deep earthquakes, complex 3D geodynamics, seismology (and more) are welcome!