Summer fieldwork

Despite the varying weather conditions our group could undertake fieldwork in the area shown on the photo below. We plan to launch an open modelling challenge by sharing the new data and inviting anyone to submit models explaining the data. More details to come after data preprocessing.

Joint inversion results on the Ivrea body along Val Sesia

Our new seismic and gravity data enabled a high-resolution passive geophysical imaging study, and constrained the structure and physical properties of the Ivrea Geophysical Body along the Val Sesia profile. The structure fits well the local and regional geology, the densities and velocities fit well the rock’s properties in situ. What else? The shallowest portion of the discontinuity appears to be relatively sharp (ca. 400-600 m transition thickness). For details, see our recent Frontiers in Earth Sciences paper, lead by Matteo Scarponi. What’s next? Active geophysical results… (some patience, please).