Devastating M7.5+ earthquakes in Turkey

A rare succession of two earthquakes larger than magnitude 7.5 has hit Turkey in just over 9 hours this morning. The first, M7.8 event was along the East Anatolian Fault, the second, M7.5 event occurred on a conjugate fault. Aftershocks continue and the number of casualties is still rising. Further seismological information can be found on KOERI’s website, on IRIS, on USGS, etc. An interview in French is available on here (PDF).

Mise-à-jour 08.02.: article dans Le Temps sur la non-prédictabilité des séismes ici (PDF), explications sur la chaîne Canal9 ici (de 13’04” à 16’27”).

Mise-à-jour 09.02.: podcast sur la prévision des séismes dans Point J de la RTS ici.

Screenshot from KOERI’s website on 2023.02.06 at 20:10 UTC showing the earthquake events until then