György Hetényi

[here is how to pronounce my first name]

I’m the PI of OROG3NY and a professor at the University of Lausanne.

Research interests

I am interested in the geodynamics of the continental lithosphere: structure, deformation and associated physical processes. My principal tools of investigation are geophysical imaging (seismology, gravimetry) and numerical modelling (themo-mechanical, petrological).

In frame of OROG3NY I currently work on:

  • Ivrea geophysical body (Ph. D. Matteo Scarponi)
  • Seismo-at-school in Nepal (Ph. D. Shiba Subedi)
  • Deep lithosphere seismicity and metamorphism (post-doc Konstantinos Michailos)
  • 3D structural mapping with converted waves
  • DIVE – Drilling the Ivrea-Verbano zonE
  • AlpArray – a broadband-seismology-array and geodynamics project
  • EASI – Eastern-Alpine Seismic Investigation
  • GANSSER – Geodynamics ANd Seismic Structure of the Eastern-Himalaya Region (i.e. Bhutan)

Previously I have mostly worked on orogeny, deformation and phase changes (see Publications for more details):

  • the Himalaya-Tibet region (crustal and lithospheric structures [Hi-CLIMB project], rheology of the India plate, eclogitization of the lower crust);
  • the Alpine-Carpathian-Pannonian region (crustal thickness, mantle transition zone topography and history [CBP project]);
  • a numerical approach that does conserve mass during metamorphic phase changes in thermo-mechanical models;
  • columnar jointing in igneous rocks (size, composition).


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Abstracts, other papers and reports

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Managed seismic networks

Ph.D. thesis

Evolution of deformation of the Himalayan prism: from imaging to modelling.
École Normale Supérieure – Université Paris-Sud XI, 400 pp., 2007.
Abstract [en/fr/hu]; download from here.

  • Awards:
    Prize of the Chancellery of Paris Universities 2008 (Aguirre-Basualdo Prize)
    Award of the William B. & Elizabeth Behr Agocs Geophysical Research Fund 2008