Thomas Bodin visiting

On Friday, November 25th Thomas Bodin from ENS Lyon will be our guest. He will first act as an external referee in Leonardo Colavitti’s PhD Proposal Defence; then at 15h in room 3799 he will give a seminar on Transdimensional Inference in the Geosciences. All are welcome!

14th Swiss Geoscience Meeting coming up

We will be at the 14th Swiss Geoscience Meeting on November 18-19 in Geneva.

All of us will have posters on Saturday:

  • Colavitti L, Hetényi G: 3-D shear-wave velocity model of the Central Alps using converted waves
  • Chanard K, Hetényi G, Baumgartner L, Licul A, Herman F: Constraints on the extent and kinetics of eclogitization processes in the Indian lower crust
  • Hetényi G, Le Roux-Mallouf R, Berthet T, Cattin R, Cauzzi C, Phuntsho K, Grolimund R: Mind the (seismic) gap: the 1714 Bhutan earthquake