Post-HKT and Tibet low-velocity zones

The 33rd HKT conference is over and we keep a great memory of this event! A final, post-conference message is yet to come, with the group photo, the keynote speech’s video, etc.

Following the advice of one of the participants and a good colleague, I here share the PDF version of a 7-year old article that is not so visible, showing that seismic low-velocity zones in South Tibet are present in spots, and do not form a continuous layer.

The HKT2018 conference is coming up

After more than a year preparation, the 33rd Himalaya-Karakorum-Tibet workshop is at the doorstep. From Monday to Wednesday next week (Sept. 10-12) more than 130 researchers will present ca. 45 talks and ca. 85 posters on the structure, dynamics and natural hazards of the HKT region. The invited keynote speaker is Peter Molnar (U. Colorado), who will talk about the Growth of the Tibetan Plateau. About 35 people will also go on a 3-day field excursion in the Western Swiss Alps before the workshop. Full information can be found at the HKT2018 website. We look forward to host the event and the participants.