• Celso Alvizuri (now at NORSAR, Kjeller, Norway)
  • Jean-Baptiste Ammirati ()
  • Kristel Chanard (now at IPGP and IGN, Paris, France)
  • Leonardo Colavitti (now at Uni Genoa, Italy)
  • Andrew Greenwood (now at Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria)
  • György Hetényi, office 4893, phone: +41-21-692-4321
  • Kim Lemke, office 4644, phone: +41-21-692-4419
  • Ariane Maharaj, office 3232, phone: +41-21-692-….
  • Konstantinos Michailos (now at Uni Geneva, Switzerland)
  • Matteo Scarponi (now at LGLTPE at Uni Lyon, Italy)
  • Shiba Subedi (now with Seismology at School in Nepal)

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Institute of Earth Sciences
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