Valais rock stand at the CPPS completed

The new rock stand featuring typical rocks from the Valais (and therefore the Alps) is cow completed and can be visited at the CPPS (“Centre Pédagogique pour la Prévention des Séismes”) in Sion. Many thanks to Guillaume Antonioli, Nikhil Sharma, Jean-Luc Epard, and all sample contributors!

Photo from Anne Sauron (CPPS)

Earthquake in Switzerland & interview

Following the largest earthquake in Switzerland since in the past 12 years (magnitude 4.6) on Monday, in the Helvetic Nappes around the cantons Uri, Schwyz and Glarus, RTS Couleur 3 made an interview with György Hetényi about seismicity in Switzerland and in general. You can listen to it here (musical break from 3’00” to 5’15”).

Radio interview (Klubrádió)

Following a public outreach presentation on geoscience research in the Himalaya at the Hungary-Bhutan Friendship Society, György Hetényi was interviewed in the radio station Klubrádió‘s evening talk emission Dobszerda.

If you are interested and understand Hungarian, you can listen to it here:

[starting from 8’01”], followed by here:

[to 1’33” and from 3’20” to 24’10”].