IvreaArray DOI

The IvreaArray seismic network (an AlpArray Complementary Experiment) installed earlier this year, now has a DOI and can be officially cited:

Hetényi G, Plomerová J, Solarino S, Scarponi M, Vecsey L, Munzarová H, Babuška V, Jedlička P, Kotek J, Colavitti L (2017) IvreaArray – an AlpArray Complementary Experiment. doi:10.5281/zenodo.1038209

Shiba Subedi joins our group

Welcome to Shiba Subedi who joins our research group this month.

Shiba arrives from Paris where he has completed his MSc degree at IPGP, followed by an internship at ENS. He now holds a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship to focus on teaching seismology in Nepali schools. In this frame, we plan to test low-cost seismometers, to be installed in schools as teaching and data collection tools.

TIDES Advanced Training School

Leonardo Colavitti and Matteo Scarponi will participate to an Advanced Training School “Seismic Tomography: from data analysis to inversion, results, and uncertainty estimates” organised by TIDES (TIme DEpendent Seismology) that will be held in Oxford, UK from 10 to 14 July 2017. At this link you can find the detailed programme of the School.

Our planned contributions consist of two posters:

  • Colavitti L, Hetényi G: Towards a new method to develop a 3-D shear-wave velocity model from converted waves.
  • Scarponi M, Hetényi G, IvreaArray Working Group: High-resolution imaging of the Ivrea Geophysical Body: A receiver function and gravity approach.

IvreaArray installed

In a week-long field effort, 7 researchers from Uni. Lausanne, IG Prague and INGV Genova have installed IvreaArray, a 10-station broadband seismological array in NE Italy. The station spacing is ca. 5 km along a West-East line, and operation is foreseen for 1 year.

Sarah Incel visiting

Sarah Incel from ENS Paris will be visiting us on 6-7th July. She will give a seminar on Experimental constraints on rheology during eclogite-facies metamorphic reactions, on Thursday 6th at 16:15 in Géopolis-1628. Everyone interested in rock physics, lab experiments, petrology, dehydration reactions (and more) is welcome!