Wildhorn earthquake swarm update

Updated information and figure on the Wildhorn seismic swarm will appear in this post.

Nov. 19. 17h48: Decreasing activity over the past days; many micro-events detected by the SED down to magnitude -2.

Nov. 15. 16h45: No earthquake in the past 24 hours, but it would be too early to say the swarm stopped.

Nov. 13. 09h48: Another slightly felt event yesterday afternoon; the swarm continues.

Nov. 12. 09h32: A new felt event last night, and further smaller events.

Nov. 11. 09h48, 18:23: Small events, not felt by the population, continue to occur.

Nov. 9. 11h30: The sequence continues, without new felt event since the previous update. See SED situation report here.

Nov. 8. 09h24: The sequence continues, with new felt events last night.