SGG, 2023 winter retreat. Left to right: Zoltán, Samuel, Leona, Adriaan, Tabea, Chiara, Liza, Marie, Robin.

Current members

Zoltán KutalikAssociate professorMR of all kinds2013-
Mariona Lopez GilExecutive Assistant2018-
Marie SadlerPhD studentDrug repurposing2020-
Chiara AuwerxPhD studentRare-common variant continuum2020-
Tabea SchoelerPost-docGenetic contribution to mental health outcomes2020-
Adriaan van der GraafPost-docCausal networks2021-
Leona KnüselPhD studentSporadic Alzheimer’s disease2022-
Kaido LepikPost-doc (20%)Mediation MR2022-
Samuel MoixPhD studentTelomere length & aging2023-
Nicolas GossPhD studentMetabolomics & complex health outcomes2023-
Robin HofmeisterPost-docParental causal effects2023-
Mihaela-Diana ZanoagaPhD studentNon-linear MR methods2023-
Théo CavinatoPhD studentPopulation genetics & data privacy2023-
Chaymae ZiyaniPhD studentCardiovascular health2024-

Past members

Liza DarrousPhD studentRobust MR2019-23
Amilie FritzVisiting PhD studentSex-specific genetic differences between trait pairs2023
Samuel MoixMSc studentTelomere length & aging2022-23
Sven Erik OjaveePhD studentBayesian time-to-event analysis2020-22
Kaido LepikPost-docMediation MR2021-22
Jenny SjaardaPost-docCross-partner MR2019-22
Marion PatxotPhD studentGenetic architecture of complex traits2020-22
Malú ZamariolliVisiting PhD student22q11.2 deletion syndrome2021-22
Tristan WohVisiting MSc studentCausal relationships between DNAm and complex traits2022
Yanina Timashevavisiting Post-docEstimation of multi-trait selection strength2021-22
Ninon MounierPhD studentBayesian GWAS2017-22
Eleonora PorcuPost-docGene expression-trait causality2016-21
Jonathan SulcPhD studentGenetics subclasses of obesity2017-21
Mathieu SchornozMSc studentEstimation of multi-trait selection strength2021
Vanessa Pitzvisiting PhD studentParkinson’s genetics2019
Tess BonatoMSc studentGenomic privacy2018
Emilie HaMSc studentZinc homeostasis genetics2018
Sina RüegerPhD studentSummary statistic imputation2013-18
Peter Joshivisiting scientistLifespan genetics2018
Elisabeth DahlqwistVisiting PhD studentAttributable risk and causal inference2017-18
Damia NoceVisiting PhD studentGenetics of the complement pathway2018
Anthony SonrelMSc studentObesity genetics & diet2017-18
Aaron McDaidPost-docGenetics of Aging2014-17
Kaido LepikVisiting PhD studentGene expression biomarkers for CRP2017
Jing CuiPhD studentNeuro-genetics2013-16
Aurélien MacéPhD studentCNV analysis2012-16
David LamparterPhD studentPathway GWAS2012-16
Yujuan GuiMSc studentMetabolic fingerprints of drugs2015
Sophie DebonnevilleMSc studentDiet-genetics2014
Rico RueediPost-docMetabolome genetics2012-14
Antony Le BéchecPost-docExome sequencing analysis2012-13
Cristian RiccioMSc studentDiet-genetics2013

SGG, 2021 fall. Top – left to right: Sven, Malú, Jonathan, Kaido, Adriaan, Eleonora, Chiara, Jenny, Zoltán. Bottom – left to right: Tabea, Liza, Ninon, Marie.

SGG, 2021 winter dinner. Left (front to back): Kaido, Ninon, Adriaan, Jonathan, Tabea, Marion. Right(front to back): Yanina, Liza, Malú, Zoltán, Sven, Chiara, Marie.

SGG, 2020 summer. Left to right: Sven, Marie, Liza, Eleonora, Chiara, Marion, Zoltan, Jonathan, Ninon.

SGG, 2017 Summer. Left to right: Aaron, Maarja, Kaido, Sina, Zoltán, Jonathan, Ninon, Anthony, Eleonora.

Left to right: Zoltan, Eleonora, Yujuan, Aaron, David, Sina, Aurelien

SGG, 2016 Summer. Left to right: Zoltan, Eleonora, Yujuan, Aaron, David, Sina, Aurelien.