Samuel Moix

Samuel Moix was born and raised in Valais – Switzerland. During his high-school years he spent one year in Alaska – USA and later obtained a bachelor in biology at the University of Lausanne (UNIL). While always interested in informatics, his interest in genetics grew during his undergrad years leading him to start a master degree in Molecular Life Science with a Bioinformatics specialization at UNIL.
He joined the Statistical Genetics Group for his master thesis project consisting on studying telomere length and its relation to aging from data coming from the UK Biobank. This project entitled “Disentangling mechanisms of age-related telomere shortening” will last until January 2023 under the supervision of Chiara Auwerx.

Besides biology and informatics, Samuel has an interest in a broad range of activities including skiing, hiking, climbing, nunchucks, playing the piano or some ukulele, wine-tasting and videogames. But overall, he especially likes to spend time with friends and family.