Chaymae Ziyani

Chaymae completed her undergraduate studies in molecular biology at the University of Besancon, France, majoring in biochemistry and physiology. During her bachelor’s program, she engaged in a voluntary internship at a human genetic center that specialized in rare genetic diseases. This hands-on experience ignited her awareness of the power of computer science in comprehending biological patterns. Subsequently, she moved to Lausanne to join the Master of Molecular Life Science-Bioinformatics program at UNIL.

For her master’s thesis with Pr. Olivier Delaneau’s group, Chaymae revealed the regulatory functions of enhancers in governing gene expression at the single-cell level. Following her graduation, she extended her research commitment with the same lab, investing an additional six months in the exploration of enhancers co-activity and its impact on finetuning gene expression at the single-cell level.

Starting in March 2024, Chaymae will embark on her Ph.D. journey as a member of the Statistical Genetics Group under the supervision of Zoltán Kutalik. Her project aims to study how certain genes affect cardiovascular traits using the Mendelian randomization method.

Besides her passion for Biology, she enjoys sports especially martial arts, swimming, and yoga. She appreciates the world of books and enjoys exploring new places through travel.