Welcome to the website of the Statistical Genetics Group! The group is part of the Department of Research & Innovation at the Unisanté and affiliated with the Department of Computational Biology, the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and with the University of Exeter. We are interested in the development of statistical methodologies in order to decipher the genetic- and causal network architecture of complex human traits. To do so, we combine Genome-Wide Association Studies and various omics data sets.

Projects & Collaborators

  1. Mendelian Randomisation (J. Bowden, G. Davey-Smith)
  2. Copy number variant associations (A. Reymond, R. Magi, M. Talkowski)
  3. Parent of origin effects (O. Delaneau, R. Freathy)
  4. Genetic underpinnings of aging (J. Auwerx, P. Joshi, J. Wilson), obesity (R. Loos, C. Eap), CKD (O. Devuyst, M. Bochud)
  5. Methods for whole genome genetic architecture (M. Robinson)
  6. Metabolic biomarker discovery (A. Thomas, J. Ivanisevic, S. Bergmann)
  7. Integration of imaging features to gene-disease associations (B. Draganski, J. Richiardi)

Furthermore, we are involved in various genetic analyses of the Cohorte Lausannoise (CoLaus) study, the SKIPOGH study, the Swiss Hepatitis  C Cohort Study (SCCS) and the Swiss Transplant Cohort Study (STCS).