The QuickTest software implements the statistical methods published in the articles

The latest version of QuickTest features

  • Multivariate SNP association testing [–multiSNP]
  • Parent-of-origin (POE) association [–method-poe]
  • Compatibility with v1.2 .bgen input format (used for the full release of the UK Biobank) [–bgen]

and can be downloaded from here (it includes both a static version and the source code for compilation [make rebuild]). We also provide a binary for MAC OS. Note that it is not a stable version and to report bugs/problems related to this new feature, please contact Zoltán.

The original v0.95 executable, source code, documentation and example files can be requested at the official software page, but can also be directly downloaded from here. The code was originally written by Toby Johnson and Zoltán Kutalik in 2009. The Vital-IT computational resource was provided by the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics. We would like to thank the following collaborators for adding more code:

  • Alisa Manning & Han Chen (Boston University): Robust GxE
  • Robin Beaumont (University of Exeter) & Aaron McDaid (University Hospital of Lausanne): bgen compatibility