Shiba Subedi

I’m a doctoral Student, a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship holder at the Institute of Earth Sciences of the University of Lausanne. I recently completed Masters degree in Exploration Geophysics at IPGP, followed by an internship at ENS, France.

I am working on a project ‘Seismo-at-School in Nepal‘ under the supervision of György Hetényi. Nepal lies in the heart of the most active continental seismic zone, the Himalaya and is one of the countries on Earth with the highest seismic risk. Due to the collision of India and Eurasia, Nepal has experienced devastating earthquakes throughout history, claiming lives and causing significant damage. The latest 2015 Gorkha earthquake killed nearly 9,000 people and injured nearly 22,000. It was the worst natural disaster to strike Nepal since the 1934 earthquake. Furthermore, there is a segment which is identified as ‘seismic gap,’ where the last known great earthquake occurred in 1505, and recently scientists from the world argued that the energy is accumulated in that region which is sufficient to produce an earthquake of Mw 8.2.

The purpose of my PhD project is to evaluate the feasibility by locally testing a bottom-up approach of seismology in schools. With special lectures to students, and by installing low-cost seismometers in schools, we hope to enhance awareness and preparedness of the people, and at the same time collect useful local shaking data.

Research foci

  • Earthquake seismology
  • Education and preparedness
  • Receiver function
  • Crustal Imaging

Further interests

  • Earthquake early warning
  • Risk reduction



Nov 2016 – May 2017 Receiver function crustal imaging in Western Nepal at ENS, France

Conferences abstracts

  • S. Subedi, G. Hetényi, A. Sauron. Seismo-at-School in Nepal, 2nd National Conference of The Community for Science Education, Presentation session, Bucharest (Romania), November 2017.