Earthquake in Switzerland & interview

Following the largest earthquake in Switzerland since in the past 12 years (magnitude 4.6) on Monday, in the Helvetic Nappes around the cantons Uri, Schwyz and Glarus, RTS Couleur 3 made an interview with György Hetényi about seismicity in Switzerland and in general. You can listen to it here (musical break from 3’00” to 5’15”).

AGU 2016

The American Geophysical Union’s Fall Meeting takes place this week in San Francisco. From our team Kristel Chanard is present and will give a presentation on Wednesday on her recent results:

Chanard K, Hetényi G, Baumgartner L. Licul A, Herman F (2016) Constraints on the extent and kinetics of eclogitization processes in the Indian lower crust. AGU Fall Meeting S43B-07.

Note that the meeting will move to New Orleans in 2017 and to Washington DC in 2018.

Thomas Bodin visiting

On Friday, November 25th Thomas Bodin from ENS Lyon will be our guest. He will first act as an external referee in Leonardo Colavitti’s PhD Proposal Defence; then at 15h in room 3799 he will give a seminar on Transdimensional Inference in the Geosciences. All are welcome!

14th Swiss Geoscience Meeting coming up

We will be at the 14th Swiss Geoscience Meeting on November 18-19 in Geneva.

All of us will have posters on Saturday:

  • Colavitti L, Hetényi G: 3-D shear-wave velocity model of the Central Alps using converted waves
  • Chanard K, Hetényi G, Baumgartner L, Licul A, Herman F: Constraints on the extent and kinetics of eclogitization processes in the Indian lower crust
  • Hetényi G, Le Roux-Mallouf R, Berthet T, Cattin R, Cauzzi C, Phuntsho K, Grolimund R: Mind the (seismic) gap: the 1714 Bhutan earthquake

Historical Bhutan earthquake in 1714

With the help of several historical documents as well as two geological sites studied with paleoseismological methods, we could constrain a hitherto unclear earthquake in the Himalaya. The results reveal that the 1714 earthquake occurred in Bhutan, and that it was a major event with a magnitude of 7.5-8.5. For details see our paper published in Geophysical Research Letters here.

Outreach: AGU, Science, FGSE, Kuensel and Planeterde, followed by other portals.