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Africana. Figures de femmes et formes de pouvoir

Approaches to Migration, Language and Identity

Seamus Heaney, Virgil and the Good of Poetry

Holy Harlots in Medieval English Religious Literature

Late Medieval Devotional Compilations in England

Community, Solidarity and Multilingualism in a Transnational Social Movement. A Critical Sociolinguistic Ethnography of Emmaus

Combat Death in Contemporary American Culture: Popular Conceptions of War since WWII

Cosmopolitan Endeavours

Panepiphanal World: James Joyce’s Epiphanies

Transnational Trajectories of Multilingual Workers: Sociolinguistic Approaches to Emergent Entrepreneurial Selves

Traces et résonances. Ré-écrire, consigner, adapter la danse

A Quest for Remembrance. The Underworld in Classical and Modern Literature

Renaissance Personhood. Materiality, Taxonomy, Process

Household knowledges in late-medieval England and France

La nouvelle jeunesse des contes. Transcréations des recueils de Perrault et des Grimm

The Genres of Genre: Form, Formats, and Cultural Formations

Shakespeare the Illusionist: Magic, Dreams and the supernatural on Film

Revisiting Adventure

Middle English Lyrics : New Readings of Short Poems

Author, Scribe, and Book in Late Medieval English Literature

Revisiting the Medieval North of England : Interdisciplinary Approaches

Heritage-language speakers : Theoretical and empirical challenges on sociolinguistic attitudes and prestige

Ghosts of the African Diaspora: Re-Visioning History, Memory, and Identity

fémin|in|visible. Women authors of the Enlightenment / Übersetzen, schreiben, vermitteln

Visages : histoires, représentations, créations

Exploring Future Paths for Historical Sociolinguistics

Saints of North-East England, 600-1500

Shakespeare and Judgment

Neoliberal Gothic. International Gothic in the neoliberal age

Shakespeare’s Legal Ecologies : Law and Distributed Selfhood

Linguistics and Literary History

Le palimpseste gotique de Bologne. Études philologiques et linguistiques / The Gothic Palimpsest from Bologna. Philological and Linguistic Studies

War Gothic in Literature and Culture

La traduction comme création / Translation and creativity

Cinderella across Cultures. New Directions and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Dictating to the Mob : The History of the BBC Advisory Committee on Spoken English

Jane Austen : Northanger Abbey/Persuasion

Gothic Matters

Alice Rivaz. Devenir romancière

Reading, Translating, Rewriting. Angela Carter’s Translational Poetics

Angela Carter traductrice – Angela Carter en traduction

Isabelle de Charrière, Écrire pour vivre autrement

Called to Civil Existence : Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of The Rights of Woman

The History of Lady Julia Mandeville. By Frances Brooke

Emotion, Affect, Sentiment: The Language and Aesthetics of Feelings

Jane Austen’s Civilized Women : Morality, Gender and the Civilizing Process

A Companion to ‘The Doctrine of the Hert’

The Doctrine of the Hert. A Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary

Medieval and Early Modern Literature, Science and Medicine

Peter Pan’s Shadows in the Literary Imagination

Behaving like Fools. Voice, Gesture, and Laughter in Texts, Manuscripts, and Early Books

Des Fata aux fées: regards croisés de l’Antiquité à nos jours

Femmes écrivains à la croisée des langues / Women Writers at the Crossroads of Languages, 1700-2000