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Household knowledges in late-medieval England and France

La nouvelle jeunesse des contes. Transcréations des recueils de Perrault et des Grimm

Shakespeare the Illusionist: Magic, Dreams and the supernatural on Film

Revisiting Adventure

Middle English Lyrics : New Readings of Short Poems

Author, Scribe, and Book in Late Medieval English Literature

Revisiting the Medieval North of England : Interdisciplinary Approaches

Heritage-language speakers : Theoretical and empirical challenges on sociolinguistic attitudes and prestige

Ghosts of the African Diaspora: Re-Visioning History, Memory, and Identity

fémin|in|visible. Women authors of the Enlightenment / Übersetzen, schreiben, vermitteln

Visages : histoires, représentations, créations

Exploring Future Paths for Historical Sociolinguistics

Saints of North-East England, 600-1500

Shakespeare and Judgment

Neoliberal Gothic. International Gothic in the neoliberal age

Shakespeare’s Legal Ecologies : Law and Distributed Selfhood

Linguistics and Literary History

War Gothic in Literature and Culture

La traduction comme création / Translation and creativity

Cinderella across Cultures. New Directions and Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Dictating to the Mob : The History of the BBC Advisory Committee on Spoken English

Le palimpseste gotique de Bologne. Études philologiques et linguistiques / The Gothic Palimpsest from Bologna. Philological and Linguistic Studies

Jane Austen : Northanger Abbey/Persuasion

Reading, Translating, Rewriting. Angela Carter’s Translational Poetics

Isabelle de Charrière, Écrire pour vivre autrement

Called to Civil Existence : Mary Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication of The Rights of Woman

The History of Lady Julia Mandeville. By Frances Brooke

Jane Austen’s Civilized Women : Morality, Gender and the Civilizing Process

A Companion to ‘The Doctrine of the Hert’

The Doctrine of the Hert. A Critical Edition with Introduction and Commentary

Des Fata aux fées: regards croisés de l’Antiquité à nos jours