Tristan Klaftenberger

I joined the group in September 2021. I am currently interested in the distribution, roles and evolution of color in ants at different spatial scales.

I have a broad interest in insect ecology. During my master’s degree in Biodiversity, Ecology and Evolution, I worked at the University of Lyon on the use of species distribution models (SDMs) to infer hybrids zones between two cryptic ant species. Now, I joined the University of Lausanne to do my PhD in Cleo’s group

Figure 1: Distribution of two cryptic ant species, and their potential co-occurance. Results from maters thesis

Now, I joined the University of Lausanne to do my PhD in Cleo’s group titled ‘The ecology and evolution of colour in ants

During my thesis, I will use colour as a trait to test ecological and evolutionary hypotheses. I will do this on different spatial scales, using a large-scale database, field studies and experiments, I want to improve our knowledge of :

– Diversification of colour in ants, thanks to information on color, species distribution and phylogenetic relationships.

– Color fitness benefits (resistance to hight temperature, UV, drought and parasiste)

Understanding the ecology and evolution of colour in ants should also help to elucidating the mechanisms of color evolution and potential consequences for species responses to anthropogenic climate change.

2021-presentPhd in Cleo Bertelsmeier’s group, University of Lausanne
2020 – 2021 MSc Biodiversity Ecology Evolution, University of Lyon 1
•Modelling of the distribution of different ant species
•Study of the factors determining the probabilities of the presence of species
•Definition of potential interspecific hybrdization zones
2017 – 2019 BSc Biodiversity Science, University of Lyon 1
•Establishment of an occurrnece database for 5 ant species (Tetramorium, Formicidae) on a European scale
•Morphometric differentiation of two closely related species (Lasius, Formicidae)