Rosaëlle Perreault

I joined the group in April 2024 as a PhD student. I completed a master’s degree in microbial ecology, focusing specifically on plant-microbe interactions and their manipulation to improve agricultural practices. During my PhD, I will investigate the impacts of globalization and anthropogenic activities on insect invasion dynamics worldwide.

One aspect of my project will explore how specific geopolitical events (e.g., changes in trade partnerships, conflicts) between certain countries influence the movement of invasive insect species among them. Understanding the influence of geopolitical events on invasions can enhance our ability to prevent or respond to invasion threats in the future.

Another aspect of my research will center on global invasion dynamics in recent years, using citizen science data. The objective is to assess whether this type of data can be utilized to detect early signs of invasion.

2024 – PresentPhD in Cleo Bertelsmeier’s group, Université de Lausanne
2022 – 2024MSc in Microbial Ecology, Université de Sherbrooke
Direction: Pre. Isabelle Laforest-Lapointe
Project title: Investigation d’une possible coopération entre les PGPP et les PGPB pour la promotion de la croissance
2019-2022BSc in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Université de Sherbrooke