Upcoming Talks/Press

Past talks

Intecol 2022

August 28 – September 2d 2022

Geneva, Switzerland

Lab member presentations

Lucie and Cleo will organise a session and present their work.

Microclimate ecology and Biogeography conference 2022 (MEB2022)

August 29- September 1st 2022

Lab member talks:

  • Jelena Bujan: The effect of microclimatic filtering on ectotherms in Mediterranean islands
  • Olivia Bates: Micro- vs. macroclimate: Which predicts better the spread of introduced ants?

XXVI International Congress of Entomology

July 19-24th 2022

Helsinki, Finland

Lab member presentations

Gyda tbd

Aymeric tbd

IUSSI 2022

July 3-7th 2022

San Diego, California

Lab member presentations:

  • Dr Lucie Aulus : What are the global bioregions of ants and how does human-mediated dispersalredefine them?

Institute of Ecology and Evolution (IEE), University of Bern

April 7th, 4.15pm

Cleo will talk about “Globalisation and the spread of invasive species”


Feb17-18 2022

Lucie Aulus, Jelena Bujan and Gyda Fenn-Moltu presented their work

Société zoologique de Genève

April 21st 2020, 8.15pm

Muséum de Malagnou, Geneva, Switzerland

Cleo will talk about her book “Les guerres secrètes des fourmis”

ESA & USSEE Joint Meeting

11th-16th August 2019

Louisville, USA

Lab member presentations

Cleo: ‘Human transport networks drive global alien species flows

Jerome: ‘The online pet trade disperses highly invasive ant species and potential future invaders

Gyda presented: ‘Accidentally importing aliens: the dispersal of insects with commodity trading

Olivia (poster):  ‘Investigating global niche expansion as ants invade new territories