Group Fun/News

Lab retreat 2022

4th annual lab retreat at Balazuuuuuuc, France!

Lab retreat 2021

3rd annual lab retreat for the Bertelsmeier group: hiking, mountain scooters and via ferrata!

New Equipment – Thermal Drone

A new thermal drone has arrived! This will be used to survey the thermal habitats of different species, however it also makes for nice selfies!

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Lab Retreat- February 2020

2nd annual lab retreat of the Bertelsmeier group.

Snow-shoeing in Zinal and Sledging in St-Luc, Switzerland.

2nd Bertelsmeier Group Lab Retreat

Muppets movie

Documentary-style video on the invasion group made and presented at uni DEE Christmas party (currently not available online)

Lab Retreat- July 2020

1st annual lab retreat of the Bertelsmeier Group. Rock climbing, hiking and via ferret in Valais, Switzerland

1st Annual Retreat of the Bertelsmeier Group