Lab Members

Group leader

Prof. Cleo Bertelsmeier

I have broad interests in insect ecology, invasion and physiology. My group and I investigate different aspects of these topics. see research for more details.


Dr. Lucie Aulus-Giacosa

I joined the group in July 2021. I am currently working on the definition of ants and insects’ bioregions. I am interested in how dispersal of alien species redefines biogeographic areas. 

Dr. Jerome Gippet

I joined the group in January 2019. I am currently working on how human-mediated dispersal affects invasive species. Current work involves how the pet trade influences invasion processes

PhD Students

Olivia Bates

I joined the group in April 2019. I am currently investigating climatic niche dynamics between native and non-native ranges of invasive species

Aymeric Bonnamour

I joined the group in February 2020 as a master student, working on global invasion models. I started a PhD in October 2020. I am investigating the impact of globalisation on the spread of alien species.

Gyda Fenn-Moltu

I joined the group in February 2019. I am currently investigating how human trade routes influence the global spread of invasive species.

Tristan Klaftenberger

I joined the group in September 2021. I am currently interested in the distribution, roles and evolution of color in ants at different spatial scales.

Eddie Pérochon

I joined the group in July 2022. During my PhD, I am investigating the role of environmental factors in shaping the variation and plasticity of social organization in ant species.

Zoé Sherpa

I joined the group as a PhD student in October 2022. I am currently working on niche dynamics in invasive species and across phylogenies.

Masters Students

See the page masters students for more information about their ongoing projects

Past Lab members

Dr. Jelena Bujan

I am interested in the physiological limits of different species. I am currently investigating plasticity in thermal tolerances of ant species

Dr. Timothy Szewczyk

Tim worked in the group as Post-Doc from 2019-2021. He worked on species distribution and trait modelling in response to elevational gradients. His work involved conducting research for ‘operation fourmis’ in the canton Vaud, Switzerland

Previous Masters students

Zoé Sherpa

Masters student from autumn 2020, and has conducted both her first step and masters project under the direct supervision of Jerome.

Elsa Östlund

Elsa joined the group in February 2021 for her masters project. She is currently under the direct supervision of Olivia

Riyo Shiga

Under the direct supervision of Lucie, Riyo aimed at understanding the role of beta-diversity in the definition of biogeographical regions during her first step project.

Nora Khelidj 

Masters student under the supervision of Tim. She investigated how the elevation (and the climate) affect the morphology in ants. 

Marion L’Huillier-Hunsinger

Marion joined the group in 2021 for her masters project. She is under the direct supervision of Aymeric

Charlotte Beragerat

Masters student at UNIL under the supervision of Jelena, thesis title: “Thermal plasticity of invasive ants”

Lorena George

A masters student at the University of Lausanne who carried out her masters thesis in the summer of 2019. Her work focussed on the invasion of Tapinoma magnum in Switzerland and its impact on native species along with activity patterns of the species.

Ellouenne Charavel

First Step masters student. project title: “Acclimation ability of critical thermal limits in an ant species, Tapinoma magnum, through its invasive and native range