Aymeric Bonnamour

After my master’s degree in bioinformatics, I joined the University of Lausanne to do my PhD in Cleo Bertelsmeier’s group. I’m interested in the impact of human activities on the spread of alien species.

During my masters, I worked on a model to simulate the dispersal of the invasive ant Lasius neglectus by human transport in the region of Lyon (France). I then focused on the temporal and spatial dynamics of biological invasions worldwide over the last centuries.

During my PhD, I will use modelling and data analysis in order to assess the impact of globalization on the spread of alien species, such as insects and plants, and infectious diseases.

Contact Aymeric

Office room: 2108.1
Phone: +4121 692 4193
Fax: +4121 692 4165



2020-PresentPhD in Cleo Bertelsmeier’s group, University of Lausanne
2018-2020MSc in Bioinformatics, University of Lyon.
Combining population genetics and computer simulations to understand how humans spread invasive species at regional scale. Supervised by Bernard Kaufmann, Charles
Rocabert, Jérôme Gippet and Serge Fenet, University of Lyon.
Assessing the temporal and spatial dynamics of biological invasions in the era of globalization. Supervised by Cleo Bertelsmeier and Jérôme Gippet, University of
2015-2018Bsc in Biologie and Biochemistry, University of Lyon