Artist-scientist workshop “On the fault”

In the canton Valais, the year 2018 focuses on risks. In this frame the transdisciplinary artist association Le Cairn organizes a project called “Sur la faille” (On the fault). A first workshop between three scientists (presenting geology, earthquakes, and associated hazards and risks) and eight artists (working on various representations of these themes) took place on May 5-6 in and near Sion, and in the gîte là-oh. The exchange was intense, and we look forward to see the art pieces in September!

AlpArray Seismic Network paper and press release

The paper describing the AlpArray Seismic Network is now published in Surveys in Geophysics (open access).

On this occasion the Swiss National Science Foundation has issued a press release, which you can read here in English, German and French.

Subsequent media appearances:

Journées Biennales

Next week will be the “Journées Biennales des Géosciences et de l’Environnement” at UNIL. It is a French-speaking event to bring together academic, governmental and private research on the broad topic of Earth sciences. On Wednesday the 14th of February will be the session La recherche fondamentale et appliquée en géologie. On Thursday will be held the 3rd meeting day of natural dangers, running under the title “Au-delà de l’aléa”, ou comment proposer une gestion intégrée des risques naturels?