SGG, 2021 fall. Top – left to right: Sven, Malú, Jonathan, Kaido, Adriaan, Eleonora, Chiara, Jenny, Zoltán. Bottom – left to right: Tabea, Liza, Ninon, Marie.

Name Position Project Co-PI Started
Zoltán Kutalik Associate Professor Complex trait genetics Apr-2013
Liza Darrous PhD Student Causal network inference Feb-2019
Jenny Sjaarda Post-doc Mendelian randomisation C. Eap March-2019
Marie Sadler PhD Student Drug repositioning March-2020
Chiara Auwerx PhD Student Rare common variant continuum A. Reymond March-2020
Marion Patxot PhD Student Genetic architecture of complex traits M. Robinson June-2020
Sven Erik Ojavee PhD Student Bayesian time-to-event analysis M. Robinson June-2020
Tabea Schoeler Post-doc Genetic contribution to mental health outcomes Oct-2020
Malú Zamariolli Visiting PhD Student 22q11.2 deletion syndrome May-2021
Kaido Lepik Post-doc Mediated causal effects July-2021
Adriaan van der Graaf Post-doc Causal networks Sept-2021
Tristan Woh Visiting Master Student Causal relationships between DNA methylation and complex traits Eleonora Porcu Jan 2022
Leona Knüsel PhD Student Sporadic Alzheimer’s disease Feb 2022
Samuel Moix Master Student Telomere length & aging Feb 2022

SGG, 2021 winter dinner. Left (front to back): Kaido, Ninon, Adriaan, Jonathan, Tabea, Marion. Right(front to back): Yanina, Liza, Malú, Zoltán, Sven, Chiara, Marie.

SGG, 2020 summer. Left to right: Sven, Marie, Liza, Eleonora, Chiara, Marion, Zoltan, Jonathan, Ninon.

Past Members:

Yanina Timasheva Visiting Post-doc Estimation of multi-trait selection strength Sept-2021
Ninon Mounier PhD Student Bayesian GWAS 2017-2022
Eleonora Porcu Post-doc Gene expression-trait causality 2016-2021
Jonathan Sulc PhD Student Genetics subclasses of obesity 2017-2021
Mathieu Schornoz Masters Student Estimation of multi-trait selection strength 2021
Vanessa Pitz Visiting PhD Student Parkinson’s genetics 2019
Tess Bonato Masters Student Genomic privacy 2018
Emilie Ha Masters Student Zinc homeostasis genetics 2018
Sina Rüeger PhD Student Summary statistic imputation 2013-2018
Peter Joshi Visiting scientist Lifespan genetics 2018
Elisabeth Dahlqwist Visiting PhD Student Attributable risk and causal inference 2017-2018
Damia Noce Visiting PhD Student Genetics of the complement pathway 2018
Anthony Sonrel MSc Student Obesity genetics & diet 2017-2018
Aaron McDaid Post-doc Genetics of Aging 2014-2017
Kaido Lepik Visiting PhD Student Gene expression biomarkers for CRP 2017
Jing Cui PhD Student Neuro-genetics 2013-2016
Aurélien Macé PhD Student CNV analysis 2012-2016
David Lamparter PhD Student Pathway GWAS 2011-2016
Yujuan Gui MSc Student Metabolic fingerprints of drugs 2015
Sophie Debonneville Masters Student Diet-genetics 2014
Rico Rueedi Post-doc Metabolome genetics 2012-2014
Antony Le Béchec Staff member Sequencing analysis 2012-2013
Cristian Riccio Masters Student Diet-genetics 2013

SGG, 2017 Summer. Left to right: Aaron, Maarja, Kaido, Sina, Zoltán, Jonathan, Ninon, Anthony, Eleonora.

Left to right: Zoltan, Eleonora, Yujuan, Aaron, David, Sina, AurelienSGG, 2016 Summer. Left to right: Zoltan, Eleonora, Yujuan, Aaron, David, Sina, Aurelien.