Mathieu Schornoz

Mathieu obtained his Bachelor degree in Life Science Engineering from the EPFL. Pursuing a specialization in Molecular and Cellular Engineering at the EPFL, he acquired wet-lab experience in the Laboratory of Daniel Constam studying TGFβ signaling’s mechanism in melanoma.
Wanting to develop his skills in bioinformatics, Mathieu performed an internship in a small company in Rotterdam specialized in the development of gene signature-based prognostic tests where he analyzed the nature of unmapped reads of multiple myeloma RNA-seq data cancer patients.

He started his 6-month Master’s thesis in March 2021 in the Statistical Genetics Group under the supervision of Zoltán Kutalik and Jacques Fellay. In his project, he aims to develop a maximum likelihood based method allowing estimation of multi-trait selection strength using summary statistics from GWAS.