Luiz Gustavo Rasera

Research statement

Spaceborne coarse resolution digital elevation models (DEMs) cover extensive portions of Earth’s surface but at coarse spatial and temporal resolutions. Although useful representations of Earth’s large scale topography features, coarse resolution DEMs are not suitable for modeling surface processes at scales smaller than their spatial resolution.

My research focuses on the development of a stochastic downscaling and data fusion framework to generate synthetic fine resolution DEMs in areas where only coarse terrain elevation measurements are available. An essential part of my PhD project consists of elaborating a data integration methodology for conditioning the downscaling process to different data sources (e.g. remote sensing imagery), and demonstrate its applicability to surface flow problems. Due to the complex spatial structures present in DEMs, my research relies on the use of multiple-point statistics simulation and image processing techniques.


In March 2014, I was awarded a BSc in Geology and a MSc in Mining Engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. During my graduate studies, I was involved in the application of geostatistics for geological and orebody modeling. Later on, I worked as a research fellow at the same institution developing parallelization strategies for sequential simulation algorithms. During this period, I had the opportunity to work in partnership with multinational oil/gas and mining companies. In September 2015, I started my PhD in Earth Science at the University of Lausanne.


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Conference proceedings and presentations

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