QuickSampling (QS)

The QuickSampling (QS) multiple-point simulation method

The Quick Sampling (QS) is a novel MPS algorithm that is significantly easier than previous algorithms in the field. QS is easier and faster to implement and significantly painless to configure. It can produce conditional and unconditional realizations honoring the high-order statistics of uni- or multivariate continuous or categorical, for a single or multiple training images. Furthermore QS use external high-performance library that provides the best use of current hardware. The method is at any level, currently 4 levels are available, simualtion-, path-, training-image- and pixel -levels.

The full paper open-access describing QS is available here: https://gmd.copernicus.org/articles/13/2611/2020

The open-access code is available here, and the documentation here. It comprises the source, which is managed through a server (local or remote), as well as an optional Python/Matlab interface (requires to have the server code installed).

In addition to the above, a small web-based graphical QS simulator is available here: https://www.mgravey.com/mps.online/, so you can get a taste of MPS without the need to install anything. Thanks Mathieu Gravey for this!