On this page, it is usual to find a photo with the PI of the research group surrounded by many supervised researchers, often in a relaxed outdoor setting. We believe that such a representation conveys an artificial image of a large group being a goal in itself, indirectly encouraging an attitude of seeking funding for its own sake. Instead, we prefer to show an image of a truly artificial crowd of PhD students that were synthetically generated with the Image Quilting algorithm (from this very interesting tutorial).

The GAIA lab is affiliated to the University of Lausanne, Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics (IDYST)

  • Fabio Oriani (Postdoc, UNIL) – MPS, rainfall simulation, hydrology and hydrogeology – Geopolis office 4419 (map).
  • Luiz Gustavo Rasera (UNIL) – geostatistical topography downscaling and data fusion – Geopolis office 3247 (map).
  • Fatemeh Zakeri, (PhD Candidate, UNIL) – geostatistical simulation of remote sensing imagery – Geopolis office 3247 (map).
  • Pau Wiersma (PhD Candidate, UNIL) – Hydrological modeling of snowy catchments – Geopolis office 3247 (map).

And the former group members.