Former group members

  • Guanghui Hu (former PhD Candidate, UNIL / Zhejiang Normal University)  – DEM downscaling with multiple-point geostatistics.

  • Luiz Gustavo Rasera (former PhD Candidate, UNIL) – geostatistical topography downscaling and data fusion.
    Now Postdoctoral Fellow at The University of British Columbia.
  • Stylianos Hadjipetrou (Cyprus University of Technology) – geostatistical modeling of wind fields based on remote senging.
    Now researcher at the Cyprus University of Technology.
  • Mathieu Gravey (former PhD Candidate, UNIL) – Multiple point geostatistical approaches
    to spectrally enhance satellite imagery.Now Group Leader at ÖAW-IGF, Austrian Academy of Sciences – Institute for Interdisciplinary Mountain Research –
  • Inigo Irarrazaval (former PhD Candidate, UNIL) – Subglacial channels modeling with inverse methods.
    Now Researcher at Centro de Investigacion en Ecosistemas de la Patagonia (CIEP), Chile.
  • Moctar Dembele (former PhD Candidate, UNIL, main supervisor: Bettina Schaefli) – Hydrology and remote sensing for water accounting.
    Now postdoctoral researcher at International Water Management Institute (IWMI), Ghana.
  • Lionel Benoit (former PhD Candidate, UNIL) – Rainfall measurement and stochastic space-time simulation/interpolation [link to thesis].
    Now research scientist at INRAE-BioSP –
  • James Thornton (former PhD Candidate, University of Neuchatel, main supervisor: Philip Brunner, part of the Integralp project) – Hydrological and hydrogeological modeling in alpine environments.
    Now Research Scientist th the Centre for Development and Environment, University of Bern.
  • Raphael Nussbaumer (former PhD Candidate, UNIL, main supervisor: Klaus Holliger) – Integrating complex and diverse spatial datasets: Applications to hydrogeophysics [link to thesis].
    Now postdoc at the Swiss Ornithological Institute.
  • Qiyu Chen (former PhD Candidate, UNIL / China University of Geosciences) – Geological stochastic modeling method for the Quaternary sedimentary system 3D geological stochastic modeling method for Quaternary sedimentary systems.
    Now Associate Professor at the China University of Geosciences, Wuhan
  • Juan Carlos Castilla (former PhD Candidate, UNSW Australia) – Agents-based models, uncertainty in hydrogeological models, climate change.
    Now Faculty member at University of Technology Sydney.
  • Xue Li (former PhD Candidate, UNIL / University of Science and Technology of China) – Development of geostatistical simulation algorithms using graph cuts.
    Now research fellow at the Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics.
  • Ehsan Baninajar (former PhD Candidate, UNIL / Sahand University of Technology, Iran) – Automatic parameterization of MPS methods.
    Now Data Analytics Development Officer at SRK Exploration Services.
  • Kashif Mahmud (former Former PhD student at UNSW Australia) – Multiple-point geostatistics, texture synthesis, upscaling, multivariate analysis, karst modeling  [link to thesis].
    Now research scientist at Indiana University.
  • Sanjeev Jha (former postdoc at UNSW Australia) – Downscaling of hydrological data, 3D geological modeling under structural heterogeneity and variable connectivity, river sedimentary processes and bathymetry.
    Now Assistant Professor with IIT Bhopal, India.