Elisa Giaccone

KEYWORDS: alpine vegetation, geomorphology, permafrost, climate change


At the University of Lausanne, I am working on relationship between geomorphology and vegetation. More in detail, I would like to quantify how morphodynamics of landforms and earth surface processes (solifluction, rill erosion, nivation and frost weathering) affects plant communities and species richness. One other part of my research concerns the development of a methodology to obtain a granulometry classification starting from high resolution images and the elaboration of a semi-automated geomorphological map using multiple point geostatistics approach.


After completing by bachelor in 2011 in Natural Science at the University of Turin (Italy), I obtained in 2013 my master in Biology of Environment in the same university. The topic of my master thesis was to understand the interactions between climate change, permafrost and vegetation in a small alpine catchment in the NW Italian Alps. After a stage in Agroscope (Nyon, Switzerland) about climate change and vegetation, I worked for one year and half at the University of Turin with a fellowship on climate change and permafrost. Then, I applied and started my PhD at the University of Lausanne in 2016.


Peri- and Paraglacial Processes, University of Lausanne

Integralp project

Swiss Geomorphological Society (SGmS), Young Geomorphologist commettee


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Elisa Giaccone elisa.giaccone at unil.ch