Spring 2022 Mixed Edition

Dear readers,

It is time for the moment you have, surely, *all* been waiting for.


MUSE is out!

Grab a copy or take your computer and sit by the lake while you discover this gorgeous issue that the MUSE team has been working on for the last semester.

We hope that this issue gets you laughing, reflecting and feeling emotions you couldn’t even name. Our authors have outdone themselves once again and have gifted us beautiful poetry, prose, jokes and have tackled subjects such as love, beauty, nature, identity, and mental health.

This semester’s issue features an interview with now Dr. Cécile Heim! We congratulate her on completing her PhD so beautifully. Read about her experience working with Indigenous people and literature, her love for animals and being simply human and relatable, trying to finish a thesis.

Premiering in this issue is MUSE’s first crossword coupled with a quiz that will really make you muse upon (pun intended). After Zoom and back-to-uni confessions, rumours and conspiracy theories about Anthropole, we have asked students to share their juiciest stories surrounding exams. Cheating? Awkward I-got-the-wrong-date-and-the-wrong-room-and-the-wrong-subject? Open this magazine and sip the tea with us.

Lastly, we would like to congratulate you, reader, on making it this far through the year. Whether you still have a gazillion essays to hand in or to grade, fifteen exams to prepare, or a dreadful summer job to get ready for, whether you are doing your best to just get up and get through your day, we are sending you all of our love. Let’s pat ourselves on the back. We deserve it.

We thank all of the authors who submitted their art to us, all of the people who responded to our exam survey and Cécile Heim, who gifted us her time. And thank you, dear reader, for making these pieces live within you.

Until next semester,



Disclaimer: all opinions expressed within MUSE articles are those of their authors, not of MUSE or UNIL’s English department or any of its members