Spring 2024 Mixed Edition

Dear readers,

How are you all doing? Spring is in the air, isn’t it?! 🌳 It’s the end of the semester, and you’re probably swamped with work. But you’re all cute and talented peeps, so worry no more. You need a break, and this is where we come in:

MUSE’s spring 2024 issue is out!

After taking a break last semester, the editors joined forces and set off in search of new writings. 🔍 English students did it again, and sent in the most wonderful collection of prose and poetry that Anthropole the world has ever seen. If you’re at home or by the lake, then the digital version below is the perfect option for you. If you’re rotting somewhere on campus, then ✨ run don’t walk ✨ to the English Department and get yourself your very own copy of this limited comeback edition of MUSE, featuring a brand new design. You can find some copies on the tables outside the offices or in the study room (ANT5139).

This 18th (!) issue is brimming with an abundance of exquisitely crafted prose and heartfelt poetry! In addition to these creative pieces, we’ve also been fortunate to feature an insightful opinion piece, as well as a Crossword, a Literary Advice Column and a Shakespeare Quiz. 🧩📚

But we kept up with traditions, too! Find out more about Elvis Coimbra Gomes in his very insightful staff interview, where we talked about sociolinguistics, music, and not having a favorite color. And if you’ve ever wondered about what kind of things might make your life easier, then you’re in luck, because this semester’s Ask-the-Students features the craziest inventions that students would like at UNIL! 🚀✏️ Last but not least, we’ve collaborated with Books Books Books again to offer vouchers in exchange for delicious poetry. 😋👶 The theme was “Madeleine de Proust,” and you poets did not disappoint. Congratulations to the 3 winners! 🎉

We at MUSE would like to thank each and every student who entrusted us with their incredible creations. Your willingness to share your talents is truly touching, and we couldn’t be prouder of your courage in showcasing these beautiful works with us and other students!

Take care, have fun reading, and enjoy the summer! ☀️

The MUSE Team 💚

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed within MUSE articles are those of their authors, not of MUSE or UNIL’s English Department or any of its members.