Winter 2022 Web Edition


We hope that you are all pulling through this stressful period of the semester! Remember that you are all tough cookies, and we believe in you and your chocolate chip perseverance! 

We are also very excited to announce that this Winter’s MUSE edition of 2022 IS OUT!!! :D 

We have received and published beautiful poems, thrilling stories, heartfelt pieces, hilarious anecdotesdo I need to say more?! Is there any better way you could end the semester than cozily sitting in your favorite spot, with a warm cup of tea (or hot chocolate, whatever floats your boat) and reading your fellow students’ enchanting and wonderfully written pieces??? 

We are also pleased to say that this semester’s MUSE team has conducted an interview with our lovely department secretary (aka one of our English department’s Wonder Women) Patricia Mascia! We are sure you are going to discover as many aspects of her multitasking job and her endearing personality as we did! 

Furthermore, this issue from your favorite magazine also features hilarious replies to our traditional Ask-the-Students confessional poll about your craziest excuses for missing class! We would like to thank every student who shared with us their stories, they most certainly entertained us! Seriously, guys, if you need an uplifting break from studying, this quick read will definitely do the trick! 

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for… We are eager to announce the three winning stories of our Short Story Competition on the theme of “Tomorrow”. . . (drumroll please) . . . : In first placeFanny Cheseaux’s innovative tale “The Flight of the Seagull” stole the show! In second placeWilliam Flores’s gripping “Venus Flytrap” had us all holding our breath until the very end! And finally, Salomé Emilie Streiff’s emotionally compelling and most touching piece “A Cheap Eulogy about Stars” earned the third place!  Let’s give them and the remaining contestants a huge round of applause for their creativity, hard work, and courage! And we would like to thank our guest judges Dr. Valérie Cossy, Dr. Sangam MacDuff, and BooksBooksBooks’* one and only, Matthew Wake, for their input! Lastly, we would like to also thank Matthew for sponsoring once again a MUSE competition and, therefore, helping us fuel young minds’ creativity and literary production.  

Our whole MUSE team is extremely grateful for every author’s contribution, even if it was just a short response to the poll, rest assured that we truly appreciate it. Sharing a piece of one’s writing for the world to read is like giving away a fragment of one’s self. And we are all deeply touched by your trust in us to transmit your soulful fragments. We are proud of you and congratulate your bravery! 

We wish you all a pleasant read, relaxing holidays, and the best of luck for your assignments and up-coming exams! You can do this! And don’t forget to take good care of yourselves, you deserve it :) 

Lots of love,

The MUSE team 

Disclaimer: all opinions expressed within MUSE articles are those of their authors, not of MUSE or UNIL’s English department or any of its members